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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 24, 2005
  Nov 24, 2005

Methodology-A random sample of 545 British Columbians between November 19th and 24th, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 3.15%, 18 times out of 20 @ 98% competency level.

Question #1
For which BC political party did you vote in the last provincial election in May 2005? BC Liberals-46%; BC NDP-42%; Green-11%; Other-01%
BC Liberals    46 %
BC NDP    42 %
Green    11 %
Other    01 %
Question #2
For which BC political party would you vote if an election were held today?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    41 %
Carole James and the BC NDP    49 %
Adriane Carr and Green Party    09 %
Other    01 %
Question #3
For which Federal political party did you vote in the last federal election2004?
Paul Martin and federal Liberal Party    32 %
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    35 %
Jack Layton and NDP    28 %
Other    05 %
Question #4
In the general federal election expected in the coming weeks which of these following federal political parties do you support the most?
Jack Layton and NDP    37 %
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    33 %
Paul Martin and federal Liberal Party    30 %
Question #5
When you consider all of the natural disasters which have occurred this year, is it your belief that some type of supernatural entity or being, or form of ‘energy’ that humans do not fully comprehend exists?
Yes    65 %
No    35 %
Question #6
In your opinion are the recent natural worldwide disasters including Tsunami’s in Indonesia and Hurricane Rita in the Southern United States a result of:
Global warming    49 %
An annual natural occurrence of disasters each and every year    29 %
Events which have been prophesized in books for many years    22 %
Question #7
In your opinion which of the following federal political party’s offered is best suited to dealing with the problem of global warming?
Jack Layton and federal New Democrats    44 %
Paul Martin and federal Liberal Party    34 %
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    22 %
Question #8
Is it your opinion or your perception that British Columbia is now fully prepared for a serious natural disaster or terrorist attack?
Yes    24 %
No    76 %
Question #9
In your opinion which of the following federal political party’s offered is best suited with dealing with the problem of preparing for a serious natural disaster or terrorist attack?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    44 %
Jack Layton and federal New Democrats    35 %
Paul Martin and federal Liberal Party    21 %
This poll of British Columbians throughout 14 regions of the province provides some interesting insight into the perceptions of voters relative to natural disasters and terrorism and our ability to deal with them. Ironically it is the respondents who ascribe global warming and ‘prophesy’ to natural disasters in Question #6 who also accept ‘some type of supernatural entity or being exists’.
Canadians tend to question the United States on their environmental record, but over 200 big city Mayors in that country adhere to the belief that Global Warming is a major problem, which must be immediately addressed. U.S. recycling is generally far superior to Canada’s, and Texas, home of U.S. President George W. Bush, has a better record on newspaper recycling ratios than British Columbia does. Canadians in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces use 60% more residential heating costs than the cold Prairie provinces or British Columbia (per capita) reflecting a lack of awareness in Upper and Lower Canada and the Maritimes. The State of Oregon’s environmental record is something British Columbia could only dream about.
The BC Liberal Party’s record on the environment is not very good, including the annual shipping of tons of sewage from Victoria B.C., to our neighbours just south of the border in Washington State. The federal Liberals have been knee deep in political survival to the extent that environmental concerns and Kyoto specifically are an issue they have barely waved at.
Canada is a participant in the Kyoto Protocol a legally binding agreement under which industrialized countries will reduce their collective emissions of green house gases by 5.2% against base year 1990. There is some doubt as to the current level of commitment from the governing Liberal Party of Canada towards the objectives of Kyoto. This uncertainty combined with other political issues relating to national security and disaster preparedness could frustrate federal Liberal hopes for success in British Columbia according to this poll. The Prime Minister might want to meet with someone in a Firefighter’s outfit in the coming days leading up to an election call to ameliorate some of the shortcoming featured on this account.
British Columbians are not comfortable with our emergency preparedness levels. Considering that we are in an earthquake zone, and must contend with possibilities like terrorism, and with a view to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver/Whistler, this is obviously something that needs to be dealt with.
Since 9-11 in the United States, Firefighters have been introduced to an entirely new and sophisticated element of survival and safety tasking. The onset of catastrophic natural disasters has greatly accentuated the need for significant additional funding for fire and safety infrastructure and expertise. A serious earthquake in Vancouver would leave the city knee deep in broken glass and injured or dead people. Schools in Vancouver like Sir John Oliver are made to order death tombs for unsuspecting children and their teachers and administrators in the event of an earthquake owing to inordinate promises and procrastination and inadequate funding by the BC Liberals, while provincial and federal leaders continue to underestimate the need for fire and safety funding for situations like forest fires in the interior and north of BC.
Pine Beetle infestation and the continued mass harvesting without proper replenishment through silviculture will accelerate global warming in the province of British Columbia and turn what was once a $150 million dollar problem (annually) into a near billion-dollar problem soon. The Gordon Campbell Liberals can be faulted for not taking proper action on this account despite being properly warned, while the federal Liberal Party has woefully under funded our Pine Beetle problem which in turn will cost BC Taxpayers a small fortune to properly defend in the immediate future.
Insight/Robbins report- British Columbians in this poll believe ‘some immigrants’ in this country can get away with murder. Guess what? They can, and our country is willing to subsidize their legal costs as well. Bob Rae won’t get to the bottom of anything; the Liberals can’t afford to have a good part of their voting base embarrassed. The Liberals hired Rae; he won’t bite the hand that feeds him. All these inquiries, commissions etc. circulate the same old faces that once belong to the political ‘club’. It is a three-ring circus of liars, fools, and generally a lot of frustrated and untalented people who need and want recognition or power, but are not able to accumulate these in their ordinary lives. Like lawyers they pick up on a new language (political speak) and the ordinary public is (falsely) led to believe that maybe this makes them special, intelligent, or competent. They demand raises, pensions, severances, and all types of special treatment simply because they snuck their way into elected office based primarily on the basis that not enough people care to vote, and beyond this they can bus in all types of ‘dubious citizens’ who are so easily permitted to sanctify this ridiculous procession of bums and fools. This country, and this province have and continue to slide slowly into the proverbial toilet. That is just how it is. What citizens choose to do about this deep and pervasive problem is up to them.
Don’t like the Americans? Believe me they think we are pretty silly too.
The Truth of the matter in Canadian politics is that government is like the mafia, once you join you have to keep your mouth shut and go along to get along. Children from poor homes and prostitutes can’t (or don’t) vote and don’t’ pay taxes so they can die and it doesn’t matter to elected people. Indo Canadians vote for Liberals and New Democrats. They can blow up planes filled with good Canadian people (and others) and squawk and cry about what is going on thousands of miles away in another political jurisdiction that nobody in this country really gives a damn about.
Canadian political parties need to do the right thing, and try to refrain from endorsing these candidates for election. Send these leaders back to the community to fix up the problem of violence they have contributed extensively to, so that the rest of us can have our country back, the way we built it.

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