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CANADIAN ELECTION IN BC-ROBBINS reveals potential election bombshells!! (includes BC regionals by Ipsos)
  Dec 01, 2005

Methodology-A digit dialing of 745 respondents throughout 14 regions of British Columbia between November 25th –November 30th, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 3.45%, 18 times out of 20 @97% competency. Paid for by a U.S. company doing business in Canada.
Note to readers-With regard to the question and commentary about the case of the anal and oral sex education at a BC Middle School be advised that there is a legal team for the child in question- The legal action known, as “Let Kids be Kids” is an effort to ensure fundraising for the legal team. Contributions can be made by cheque (anonymously) to the following law firm in Surrey BC: MacMillan, Tucker and Mackay/5690-176A Street, Surrey, B.C., V3S 4H1- Attention: Mr. Gerhard A. Pyper/ Barrister and Solicitor ph (604) 574-7431/ fax (604) 574-3021.
Highlights British Columbians more inclined to accept negative depiction of Liberals by Conservatives than negative Liberal depiction of Conservatives British Columbians believe that election outcome will determine ‘political guilt or innocence’ of Prime Minister Paul Martin post Gomery More than one out of two decided respondents in this poll are ready to impose guilty verdict on federal Liberals over speculation of potential leaks from Finance relating to Income Trust announcements. One in two British Columbians are okay with the CIA stopping for fuel in Canada but don’t even think about selling The Hudson’s Bay to U.S. interests. British Columbians support Conservative Maurice Vellacott’s attempts to include the killing of unborn children in circumstances where the mother has been murdered, and also see the teaching of anal and oral intercourse to young children in BC schools as equally heinous.

Question #1
Federal Liberals and Prime Minister Paul Martin say Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has linked them in Parliament to organize crime relating to the Adscam Affair in Quebec and subsequent Gomery Report linking Liberal Party members and their associates there to criminal behaviour in that province. In response Finance Minister Ralph Goodale told the House of Commons that Conservatives are mean and should apologize. Conservative John Reynolds says the Liberals are spending money like 100 monkeys on drugs. Which of the following statements do you most agree with?
The Conservatives who say ‘if the shoe fits wear it’    57 %
The Liberals who say ‘people who live in glass houses should not throw stones’    43 %
Question #2
In your opinion should the federal Liberal government continue to permit CIA planes carrying al Qaeda prisoners be permitted to land on Canadian soil in order to refuel and perform other similar functions?
Yes    48 %
No    52 %
Question #3
(a) In your opinion if Paul Martin’s government performs badly in the upcoming election, should this be interpreted that Canadians believe that he in his previous role as Liberal Finance Minister is significantly responsible for the Quebec Adscam affair?
Yes    57 %
No    43 %
Question #4
(b) In your opinion if Paul Martin is successful in the next federal election should this be interpreted that voters believe he is significantly exonerated for the Quebec Adscam affair?
Yes    60 %
No    40 %
Question #5
In the United States a person who murders another person who is carrying a child can be charged with murdering the first adult person and the second unborn child. Currently Canada does not have any such law in place. Maurice Vellacott of the Conservative Party wants to change Canadian law to include murder charges as against the unborn child when the baby’s mother has been murdered, as in the Scott Peterson case in California. In your opinion should the Criminal Code of Canada be changed to reflect homicide charges against the unborn in such cases?
Yes,Absolutely    78 %
No,Absolutely Not    22 %
Question #6
-A law firm in Surrey British Columbian has recently provided a professional legal opinion to a client whose child without that parents permission was taught about anal and oral sex at a grade eight middle school by the group Planned Parenthood. The legal opinion suggests that either or both an injunction and a lawsuit for damages could be successful. In your opinion would you like to see this lawsuit go forward against the BC Ministry of Education in BC and Planned Parenthood to ensure that this type of curriculum does not take place in BC schools?
Yes    81 %
No    17 %
Question #7
The Conservative Party has indicated that prior to announcements for changing policy on income trusts and other financial considerations that trading volumes spiked considerably. A later inference has suggested that the federal Liberal government and Ministry of Finance may have leaked information to financial markets ahead of the announcement. In your opinion are these suggestions of potentially suspicious activity from the Liberal Ministry of Finance relating to potentially leaked information prior to a formal announcement likely to be borne out as true?
Yes    46 %
No    37 %
Undecided/Won't Say    17 %
Question #8
In your opinion should The Bay department stores- Canada’s and the worlds first national store- sell out majority interest to U.S. interests?
Yes    29 %
No    71 %
Between 55-60% of British Columbians are prepared to blame the federal Liberals for any ‘bad’ announcement that relates to integrity from the Gomery link to the ‘mini-budget’ that shelled out billions of tax dollars on a pre-election spending spree. The Conservatives were able to parallel this spending to Adscam spending in Quebec through Gomery Report findings which determined that some Liberal participants were hooked into organize crime in Quebec.
One half of British Columbians are ready to jump all over anything remotely covert that Americans might be doing on our soil, but other respondents say ‘so what’? Respondents in this poll are far less inclined to support the sale of The Hudson’s Bay Company to American entrepreneur Jerry Zucker however.
ROBBINS has it on very good authority that former Prime Minister Jean Chretien will not be sending Prime Minister Paul Martin any Christmas gifts this holiday. In fact it seems that perhaps the former PM is set to pull the plug on his one time caucus colleague. Former Chretien Liberals are either out of politics or not running again in this election. Their support in this federal election may not be voting for Jack Layton and the federal New Democrats, but they also may not be voting at all. Former PM Jean Chretien is looking for vindication and revenge and is hoping that January 23, 2006 brings both.
At least one out of two British Columbians do not believe anything Paul Martin or his Liberal Party says or does, and a similar number or better are already set to accept further accusations relating to potential insider trading over the Income Trust scandal brewing in the Finance Department. The scandal does not relate so much to the fact that so many Canadians (mostly elderly), will be taxed on income (rather than Corporations), but to the greater speculation that information may have been leaked to financial markets and others prior to the official announcement.
At this point there are no specific accusations but if journalists the caliber of Craig Oliver, Mike Duffy, and Don Martin are speaking to it in any fashion whatsoever this could mean that there may be an incredible explosion during this Christmas election the likes we haven’t seen since Halifax Harbour nearly a century ago.
It seems Planned Parenthood (who has since changed their name in BC) is getting around in political circles. In BC in at least one school The BC Ministry of Education permitted this organization to enter a middle school in former BC Education Minister Christy Clark’s riding of Port Moody Westwood (which is part of the federal constituency of Port Moody/Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam-James Moore MP), to teach grade eight students how to perform anal and oral sex.
Interestingly enough in the state of Massachusetts, one of the most liberal democratic states in the United States, a bi-partisan committee has, in response to Planned Parenthood there, agreed to legislation that will force schools to an ‘opt-in’ rather than an ‘opt-out’ agreement for their children’s education on extra curricular matters such as sex education. Opt-in simply means that parents must sign a consent form for their children permitting their children to attend to Planned Parenthood classes on school grounds. Prior to this an opt-out basis was used where the parents would request that their child not attend. In the absence of this children would be herded into classrooms and taught whatever the organization deemed fit to teach. The difficulty is that many parents are unawares of all that is taking place in this regard in the schools, and in liberal Massachusetts they are putting a stop to this from both sides of the aisle.
British Columbians may have their views on abortion, some believe in right to life and others believe in a women’s right to choose. This subject isn’t on the table for discussion, however if British Columbian’s have their way, unborn children who die in the midst of a crime against the mother will get their day in criminal court, and BC schools will require a signed consent form from parents before they deviate into dubious curriculum.
International (mainstream) Pollster Ipsos Reid (regional results for BC) Conservatives-34% NDP-28% Liberals-28% Green-09% Ipsos (National) Conservative-31% Liberal-31% NDP-18%

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