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Florida Governor Jeb Bush writes to Pollster Robbins about 4 month old Jacob Robbins-Canada's new Ambassador to the U.S.
  Nov 02, 2012

ROBBINS Sce Research (1998)
For immediate release-
Glen P. Robbins President and C.E.O. of ROBBINS Sce Research is delighted to inform Canadians and in particular British Columbians that his 4 month old nephew Jacob Robbins is doing much better at Vancouver Children’s Hospital and is getting ready to return to his home in Victoria B.C. after being kept alive in Broward and Miami Children’s Hospital in Florida.
“This is just great news,” says Glen P. Robbins. To make this situation even better, Robbins announces that he has just received a letter from Florida Governor Jeb Bush wherein the Governor says
“Recently, I received your letter regarding the health of your nephew, Jacob. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We have some of the finest doctors in Florida, and I am pleased to know that the staff at Broward General Medical Centre and Miami’s Children Hospital have continued to do everything they can to help your nephew. I will continue to pray for his safe recovery. God Bless. Sincerely, Jeb Bush GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA”
Adds Robbins, “I am so impressed that one of the truly great people and an important leader not only in the United States, but the entire world, would take the time and consideration to first telephone to check on Jacob’s arrival to Canada but to follow up with a letter afterward. I suppose that given the amount of influence the Canadian Ambassador currently has in the White House that 4 month old Jacob may now be considered Canada’s newest Ambassador to the U.S.”
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