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BC Pollster ROBBINS has very different #'s than Strategic Counsel of Ontario-who is accurate?
  Dec 09, 2005

A random digit dialing of 485 residents in the lower mainland of British Columbia including Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley, Langley Township, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Delta, Richmond, New Westminster between December 7-9, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 3.25%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency rate. This survey was paid for by a U.S. business in Canada, NewTrend Optical, and Glen P. Robbins and Associates. Glen P. Robbins made 60 telephone calls personally. Glen P. Robbins is a legal expert on public opinion and polling.

Question #1
Which political party and leader do you currently most support?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    35 %
Paul Martin and Liberal Party    29 %
Jack Layton and New Democrats    31 %
Jim Harris and Green Party    05 %
Question #2
The Liberal government under former Prime Minister Jean Chretien spent 2 billion dollars on a gun registry. Now with recent news reports showing a recent outbreak of violence involving handguns particularly in urban areas like Vancouver, Surrey, and Toronto, Prime Minister Martin now wants to ban all handguns. In your opinion how likely is it that this effort will be successful?
Very Likely    04 %
Likely    11 %
Unlikely    59 %
Very Unlikely    26 %
Question #3
Statistics Canada recently revealed that one in four Canadian children lives in poverty. Is this an acceptable standard in your opinion?
Yes    06 %
No    94 %
Question #4
Rock Star Bono recently proclaimed his disappointment in Prime Minister Paul Martin for not going far enough to cut third world debt owed to Canada in order to reduce poverty in those countries. In your opinion has Canada neglected to show leadership on the issue of third world debt and poverty?
Yes    52 %
No    48 %
{*U.S. respondents answered (49%-Yes). (51%-No)}     %
Question #5
In your opinion which Statement BEST reflects your perspective of why firearms are such a problem in Canadian cities?
I think guns are a problem in all major cities, why is Canada so different?    13 %
The Americans are pro-gun and they are smuggling guns into our country    11 %
This whole violence problem is a consequence of Liberal judges being soft on crime    30 %
Obviously, the whole 2 billion dollar gun registry was a failure    31 %
Prime Minister Paul Martin is doing his best to solve a serious gun problem in our cities    16 %
Question #6
The federal NDP is running a candidate who once headed the BC Human Rights Commission under current Liberal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh when he was Attorney General for the New Democratic Party in British Columbia. This candidate was the catalyst behind a Human Rights policy initiative, which stated that in sexual harassment cases only men sexually harass women but women never sexually harass men. In your opinion which of the following statements BEST depicts how you see this Human Rights policy statement?
It is my opinion that it is probably a fair statement that only men sexually harass women    23 %
It is my opinion that it is probably an unfair statement that only men sexually harass women    74 %
% Males in survey-51% % Females in survey-49% Age Demographic: 18-30-(23%) 31-40-(31%) 41-50-(26% Over 50-(20%)
Compare Question #1 results of ROBBINS (lower mainland British Columbians) to Strategic Counsel of Toronto, which are as follows:
When asked by Strategic Counsel how they'd vote if an election were held today, respondents across Canada's westernmost province (which is BC) said they'd vote for (change from the previous poll in brackets):
Liberals: 30 (+1) Conservatives: 29 (-2) NDP: 31 (+/-0) Green: 10 (+1) Lower Mainland- Liberals: 37 (+4) Conservatives: 28 (-7) NDP: 24 (-2) Green: 11 (+6)
Compare polling by ROBBINS (Vancouver) Question #1- Which political party and leader do you currently most support? Stephen Harper and Conservative Party-35%; Paul Martin and Liberal Party-29%; Jack Layton and New Democrats-31%; Jim Harris and Green Party-05%.
Clearly all demographics see child poverty as unacceptable and those respondents who did find it acceptable seemed to either not believe the numbers or otherwise believe that the poverty standard for statistics is too high.
The majority of respondents who either blame the Americans or believe Prime Minister Paul Martin is “doing the best he can” are Liberals or New Democrats. These respondents however do not necessarily believe the gun problem can be fixed.
Crime involving handguns is in the news and now it is a prevailing election issue. The use of handguns in crimes is statistically way down. Not according to the people it isn’t. Only 15% of respondents are of the opinion that Prime Minister Paul Martin will be successful banning handguns. Over seventy percent of respondents in question #4, if you take out option (a), blame the Liberals for failures relating to solving the gun problem in this country. Talk about circular reasoning. This new election platform and some of the journalism, which has followed, would not pass a post secondary entrance exam. The federal Liberals spent 2 billion dollars on a gun registry that was a failure, and now this response to handguns is supposed to ring voter’s chimes? Handgun owners are going nuts after being promised by the Chretien government that information regarding their handguns would never be used in a prejudicial way against them, and now Hedy Fry of the contra Klan Liberals is talking about a ‘squealer line’ as against your neighbours. As Jack Nicholson said in “As Good as it Gets” “Lady sell crazy somewheres else.”
Yet over ninety percent of respondents find child poverty (one in four children) unacceptable, and over one half of respondents find third world poverty unacceptable. Voter response averages five times more emphatic in the affirmative toward child poverty both in this country and abroad than they are to banning guns. Indeed, there are more respondents in this survey who accept NDP candidate Mary Woo-Sim’s (Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam/Port Moody) policy position that only men sexually harass women in a time when we are trying to push for equality in Human Rights, which includes the right to be as angry, sad, and as sexually ‘equal’.
Exhibit on emerging Income Trust Scandal- Conservative finance critic Monte Solberg says 'What we're asking for is an investigation.' Finance Minister Ralph Goodale talks to reporters Monday. Tories keep up pressure for trust investigation News Staff
The Conservatives are keeping up their call for an investigation into what they say may have been a leak over last week's income trust announcement by the Liberal government.
"What we're asking for is an investigation," Conservative finance critic Monte Solberg told reporters Monday in the House of Commons foyer.
"We're not hurling accusations. We don't know that anybody connected with the government benefited in any way.
"But we do know that there are all kinds of very curious coincidences that give people pause, and we think at the very least, the minister has an obligation to ensure that small investors were not in some way ripped off because information leaked out of the finance department."
However, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale said no one should be surprised the stock markets surged in advance of his announcement on income trusts and dividend taxes.
Goodale said he made it clear an announcement would be coming before the opposition non-confidence vote.
On Sunday, Jason Kenney, the Conservative deputy house leader, cited heavy trading volumes in advance of Wednesday's decision to cut taxes on dividends and impose no new ones on income trusts.
But he provided no other evidence than the trading volumes.
Kenney called on Goodale to list anyone in his office who knew in advance of the policy change and to say if they had any contact with the financial community on that day.
Goodale denied there was a leak from his office.
"I've made all the inquiries within my staff and my department and I'm satisfied with the answers that I've received," he told CTV Newsnet's Mike Duffy Live.
The Conservatives want the Ontario Securities Commission to investigate, while the NDP wants the RCMP to take the file.
Goodale said the OSC can do whatever it feels is appropriate.
"They don't need political advice from me or from the opposition about how to discharge their responsibility for oversight of the stock markets," he said.
CTV's Craig Oliver told Newsnet the whole matter reinforces the need for a national securities regulator. He called the OSC "notoriously weak."
In the case of high-level white collar crime, "it's always the Americans who are nailing the wrongdoers, and it's Canadians they're nailing," he said.
While all this is transpiring, Parliament's Government Operations Committee is hearing testimony today about the Technology Partnerships Canada program, including the role of former Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall.
The government is likely to fall in a non-confidence vote this evening.
"You're getting the perfect storm of circumstances for the Conservatives," said Don Martin, a parliamentary columnist.
He cited rock star Bono's attack on Prime Minister Paul Martin over foreign aid, holes in the mini-budget and now the potential leak controversy.

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