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Port Coquitlam citizens OK Wal-Mart-says ROBBINS NewTrend poll
  Dec 22, 2005

An independent random telephone survey equal to a representative sample of 2.030 citizens in Port Coquitlam. The size of the sample and the acuteness of polarization in most questions make a margin of error of (4.45%), 17 times out of 20 at 98% competency rate, a fair and legal depiction of public opinion in Port Coquitlam relating to this survey. This survey was fully paid for the NewTrend Optical in Port Coquitlam, Jim Van Rassell owner (604) 942-9300.

Question #1
In your opinion has Port Coquitlam Mayor and city council managed development in Port Coquitlam properly to date?
Yes    74 %
No    26 %
Question #2
If the opportunity arose, would you positively support the development and construction of a Wal-Mart Store on a suitable property within Port Coquitlam?
Yes    66 %
No    31 %
Unsure    3.5 %
Question #3
The Poco Best Western Inn and Suites wants to develop and expand its property on Lougheed Highway to include a convention center and other new hotel facilities. Do you positively support this development and expansion?
Yes    88 %
No    12 %
Question #4
As part of the expansion of the Poco Best Western Inn and Suites, it would be necessary for the proprietor to purchase a road access which is situated between the Hotel itself and the Lougheed Highway. Do you support and endorse Port Coquitlam city council selling this access road to the Poco Best Western owners in order to permit the Hotelís development?
Yes    15 %
No    09 %
Yes, for fair market value of the access road of approximately $650,000.    76 %
Question #5
There are a number of houses situated directly behind the existing Poco Best Western Hotel. Should the owners be compelled as part of the development cost to purchase these homes from the owners at fair market value?
Yes    96 %
No    04 %
Question #6
Would you support a gambling facility at the new Best Western Hotel complex once developed?
Yes    19 %
No    81 %
Question #7
Should the homeowners whose residences are located behind the existing (Best Western) Poco Inn and Suites Hotel be compelled to sell their home in order to facilitate the development and expansion of the new hotel?
Yes    09 %
No    91 %
Port Coquitlam is in an enviable situation. At a time when many other jurisdictions in the region have tossed out incumbents, the people in the city are very happy with their elected officials, and their collective approach to development in the city.
Port Coquitlam residents have revealed in this ROBBINS survey that they are not anti-big box shopping. Why would they be? There are already large stores in the area, and Poco residents donít feel the need to drive elsewhere for bargain shopping, so long as the Wal-Mart is constructed on a ďsuitable propertyĒ. Although questions have been asked about some labour practices at Wal-Mart stores, the available jobs that would be made available, coupled with the need for Port Coquitlam residents to 'stay in the neighbourhood' makes this a good fit for the region.
The Poco Best Western Inn and Suites has been a fixture in Port Coquitlam for many years now, and residents in the city are all for a hotel expansion. Respondents in Poco agree that the access road can be sold, but the cost paid by the developer should be reasonable, and at fair market value, which is described herein as $650,000.
If the expansion of the hotel requires obtaining property from citizens in Port Coquitlam respondents overwhelmingly agree that the homeowners should only sell if they want, and the hotel should pay fair market value to them.
If you want to develop your hotel in Port Coquitlam neither the taxpayer nor the homeowner should Ďget hurtí according to this survey.

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