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Premier Campbell's Maui Owee
A random telephone sample of 255 respondents between January 8-13, 2004 throughout British Columbia, who (i) voted for BC Liberals in BC General Election in 2001, and (ii) voted for Canadian Alliance in Federal General Election in 2000 and (iii) support b  Jan 13, 2004

Question #1
Do you agree with NDP Leader Carole James, that knowing police were investigating something serious involving BC government interest, that Premier Campbell should have postponed his Maui holiday?
Yes    56 %
No    44 %
Question #2
In hindsight, should Premier Campbell have returned from holiday once he was notified of the raid on the BC Legislature?
Yes    66 %
No    34 %
Question #3
Is it fair to say that Premier Campbell knew much more about the raid on the legislature than he is admitting to, prior to going on holidays?
Yes    59 %
No    41 %
Question #4
Premier Gordon Campbell has had some difficulties this past year. He has been caught drinking and driving and has a criminal record, he has been accused of lying over the BC Rail sale, and now has to deal with the RCMP raiding the legislature over potential drug trafficking and money laundering. Which of the following statements most correctly depicts your current opinion of Gordon Campbell's chances of surviving politically until the next BC provincial election in May 2005?
A. There is little or no chance Gordon Campbell can survive    10 %
B. There is a 50/50 liklihood that Gordon Campbell will survive    41 %
C. There is a moderately high liklihood that Gordon Campbell will survive    32 %
D. not only will Gordon Campbell survive politically, he will run and win a majority in May 2005    17 %
What a funny little place our province is! What strange bedfellows our political leaders make! Imagine BC Liberal and Canadian Alliance supporters agreeing with Carole James of the BC NDP with regard to Premier Campbell's leadership decisions! Respondents in this survey are not impressed with Gordon Campbell's decisions surrounding his most recent trip to Maui and his decision to stay there while British Columbians waited for his return

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