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ROBBINS and U.S. partner McFarlane on Harper et al in BC
  Jun 27, 2006

A random sample of 2,035 British Columbians between June 17-24, 2006. The poll features a margin of error of 2.15%, 19 times out of 20 @97% competency.

Question #1
Question #1-In terms of child care which do you most support?
A national day care strategy    51 %
The current Conservative plan of $1,200 per year per child under six    49 %
Question #2
Question #2-In terms of a gun registry which do you support most?
The federal Liberal national gun registry    33 %
The Conservative plan to keep the handgun registry but close the registry on long guns such as rifles    67 %
Question #3
Are you confident that a softwood lumber deal with the U.S. will be finalized in the coming months?
Yes    32 %
No    68 %
Question #4
Which do you most support?
Same sex marriage    45 %
Marriage between man and woman only    55 %
Question #5
Are you confident in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ability to properly manage environmental initiatives in the future?
Yes    51 %
No    49 %
Question #6
Are you confident in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strategy on aboriginal affairs?
Yes    51 %
No    49 %
Question #7
Are you confident in Canada’s future?
Yes    52 %
No    48 %
Question #8
Which of the following statements BEST depicts how you see the future?
We must look after our own backyard first and foremost before we take on the world’s problems    47 %
We must deal with ALL problems facing the world, as the world’s problems are our own    53 %
Question #9
If a federal election were held two weeks from today who would you most likely support?
New leader and Liberal Party of Canada    26 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party    25 %
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    41.5 %
New Leader and Green Party    7.5 %
ROBBINS- Less than one in five in rural areas support an overall Gun Registry [James A.R.] I think this is a commentary of the differing crime rates between city, suburbia and the folks who live in the rural areas. Just consider the deltas between the typical usages of a firearm in these different areas. For example if you’re a rancher out in the middle of your back forty tracking down that varmint who is taking out you’re heard. Do you go with just a rifle tucked into your saddle or do you bring a handgun on your hip. As the saying goes don’t bring a knife to a gun fight ……… wait that’s what they say in the city. So if you look at the two scenarios there is one of necessity for safety against natural predators and one of necessity against criminal predators. As they say in the USA gun control is being able to hit what you’re aiming at.
ROBBINS- Gun Registry is ALSO not supported in urban, suburban, or Vancouver Island region [James A.R.] How much money is spent on the gun registry and how many arrests does it result in ………? Would the money that is spent on the registry make a difference in funding levels for law enforcement? I.e.: how many additional officers in how many cities actually performing on the street crime prevention or apprehension.
ROBBINS- National Daycare System has some traction in Conservative dominated regions with support around 42%, while Vancouver proper is over 50%, and Greater Vancouver is split down the middle on a national daycare scheme. [James A.R.] There are certainly large daycare requirements in today’s society. However the economic reality dictates the traditional family is only available to a very small portion of society in general. Of course this is in a perfect world where we did not have the large percentages of single parents in the home. If you really want to ask a thought provoking (of course you must ignore the previous comment) question should society return to a more traditional family structure? This of course will cause all sorts o different groups to come out swinging. Women’s (w) rights. Answer: fine I’ll stay home with the kids and you go to work J Child development “experts” who will go on the social skills bandwagon where the children are better of in a stimulating interactive environment…………..
ROBBINS- Confidence in final softwood agreement surprisingly low-Liberal Party supporters more confident than Conservative supporters in final deal. US is blamed, not Harper. (I told you so from Liberals?). [James A.R.] He said, she said and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Fact in point the US never has nor ever will shy away from a trade battle, that’s why the US Department of Commerce is SOOOO big!!! Then again the US government will never admit wrongdoing on anything if given the opportunity, admit nothing deny everything.
ROBBINS- Respondents split on PM Harper’s ability to handle environment and aboriginal matters-rural voters slightly more confident with Harper on environment issues than on aboriginal ones, while urban voters are slightly more confident with Harper on aboriginal matters than on the environment. [James A.R.] As with our conversations on the environment what are the respondents gauging their confidence on? What environmental or aboriginal issues has he dealt with to date? What is his success ratio? Did the respondents have any knowledge of the issues he has dealt with or is it a firm foundation of shit and quicksand they have pinned their hopes and aspirations on……………
ROBBINS- Big difference in rural/island confidence in Canada’s future than urban confidence. Rural is well over 80% confident in Canada’s future, while urban/suburban combined is under 50% [James A.R.] Rural can be self-sufficient… Lets look at it from a corporate mentality that should be realized by all companies but is not. Administration is overhead but production generates revenue, do you want the shop manager running the company or the bean counter. The bean counter provides value to be sure but produces no product other than paper reports.
ROBBINS- North, Interior and Okanagan/Fraser Valley ‘vote’ support for Harper is just shy of 60%, which is very high. Vancouver Island is just out of reach of 40% with amazing increase upwards in Victoria, while Greater Vancouver support sits around 36% averaged over two million people. ROBBINS- Rural voters are just delighted with Stephen Harper and Conservative government on all account he would do well if given a chance, but has exceeded every possible expect expectation. One gets the sense that supporters are very proud. Conservative supporters in ROBBINS polls are pleased to claim their status. ROBBINS- Support for same sex marriage in these Conservative strongholds is under 30%, while in Vancouver City support for same sex marriage is 57% and 46% in suburban areas, and under 50% on Vancouver Island. Same sex marriage has become boutique news and against hard news like terrorism and global warming doesn’t hold an attention span for very long. Like the ‘fear’ of Stephen Harper prior to his becoming PM, respondents in British Columbian are ‘over same sex’ marriage. Where the journey goes from here may still prove interesting to those news watchers who like to analyze the legal and democratic issues surrounding this maturing subject matter. [James A.R.] As always who cares …… yeah sure Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve …. Get over it Canada and the US!!!
ROBBINS- Rural voters are happy with the prospects for the future, and believed that the PM had environmental and aboriginal matters well in hand. The Liberal gun registry was supported by less than 20% of respondents in these areas, however daycare support crept up over 40% in these areas. Confidence in a final conclusion to the softwood deal was very weak amongst rural and Fraser Valley respondents, and was similar to number in suburban regions and Vancouver City, generally reflected in the average. [James A.R.] 1/ Environmental and aboriginal matter’s: response based on what knowledge base. 2/ If support is at 20% who is driving the bus? 3/ Understandable 4/ Understandable: David vs. Goliath
ROBBINS- Over two-thirds of rural-interior and Fraser Valley respondents believe Canada should clean up its own backyard first while 36% of respondents in Vancouver proper believe this and 64% believe the worlds problems are all our problems. [James A.R. ] The longest walk starts with the first step so you should start cleaning up your yard before you criticize others for their shortcomings. It is good to have a global discourse on the issues but that should not impede progress for cleaning your own house.
ROBBINS- British Columbians are beginning to see the advantages of a national daycare scheme, but have reservations, in light of the former Liberal government’s handling of the gun registry. Horrendous cost overruns on this file are now becoming the fodder of Canadian folklore, along with ‘pepper spray’, ‘corruption’, and a decade of waning strength in our nation’s pride and togetherness. [James A.R.] This again goes back to who is responsible for whom…………. It is understood the socio-economic realities do impact life.
ROBBINS- Most British Columbians are sick of doing business with the United States particularly as this is considered in the softwood lumber agreement, and exacerbated by anxieties provoked by talk of passport requirements in less than two years. (Employees at Passport Canada are getting sick of being asked the questions). Respondents have becoming ultimate Doubting Thomas’s in Canada’s ability to deal with the United States government. It isn’t absolutely a fair criticism, but much of the blame for this has fallen on U.S. President George W. Bush, although respondents are ‘split’ on whether or not Stephen Harper was merely acting in good faith while either the Americans and/or our own provinces scuttle the deal, or whether the Prime Minister was simply too eager for a deal. Some respondents who were not confident in a final softwood agreement, believe we should have accepted the deal and not continued to “overplay our hand” on the matter. [James A.R.] As stated previously the US is negotiating for the US and has an Army of attorneys to back their position. Canada is doing the same with a smaller bankroll, fewer lawyers and quite frankly not the same governmental commitment to protect corporate Canada. The US IS CAPITALISTIC, PERIOD.
ROBBINS- Although British Columbians have generally accepted same sex marriage and there is far less agitation amongst ALL respondent groups, there is also the sense that same sex marriage advocates have become somewhat of a nuisance, not in a mean way but rather in a way that Canadian heterosexuals want to believe they are kind loving and generous, but may not have the room to fully digest the absolute angst that same sex couples are feeling. [James A.R.] Get over it Canada and the US. The fact that X% of the population can stand and make noise and be heard is good but they are not changing policy like many postulate.
ROBBINS- The ether of Charter Rights minority considerations drummed home by every former Liberal leader and supporter has become ‘a little tiresome’ to many respondents who are sick of feeling guilty for something they have done to someone (they don’t often know) and who are now invested heavily in the name of the country with our troops oversees and are far more keen on environmental issues (and more recently) aboriginal ones. [James A.R. ] and next I’ll be apologizing to William Walace’s kin for my kin not winning the last battle in OT. Its over, its past the statute of limitations and they have been compensated for their hardships (I agree not in a timely fashion). North American Indian tribes waged war on each other and it is possible that one tribe would have become the “Stuarts” of Canada. They have not paid fines for their actions in their time; I guess I need an attorney in Scotland.

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