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It is what it is- Life on Earth-ROBBINS MAC
  Jul 09, 2006

A random sample of 1,047 British Columbians between July 1 and 7, 2006 (Sce Research 1998). This poll features a margin of error of 3.45%, 18 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.
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Question #1
(Preamble): Parliamentary Supremacy (vote) and the Rule of Law are cornerstones of democracy in Canada. In your opinion which one of the two are you most confident in?
Parliamentary Supremacy    78 %
Rule of Law    22 %
Question #2
In your opinion which of the following statements best describes your impression of what defines "life"?
That property of plants and animals which makes it possible for them to take in food, get energy and grow    40 %
Living things collectively, often of a specified kind    21 %
The time a person or thing lives or exists    39 %
Question #3
All things considered, do you agree or disagree with 'abortion'?
Agree    59 %
Disagree    41 %
Question #4
Do you agree or disagree with a woman's right to have an abortion at any time during the pregnancy?
Agree    47 %
Disagree    53 %
Question #5
An embryo exists in the woman's womb for the first eight weeks and becomes a fetus afterward. The embryo takes in food for the mother. Canada permits by law the embryo-fetus to be aborted within the first 3 months of the pregnancy at the choice of the pregnant mother. In your opinion is this existing Canadian law on abortion fair and reasonable to all concerned in today's society?
Yes    70 %
No    30 %
Question #6
In a hypothetical circumstance, a man shoots his wife who is pregnant with a two month old embryo. The wife survives and the embryo does not. The man is charged and later convicted criminally with shooting his wife, yet there are no charges brought for the death of the embryo. In your opinion in this scenario should criminal laws be amended to account for the death of the embryo as a consequence of this shooting?
Yes    47 %
No    53 %
Question #7
Question "A"- In your opinion, is global warming which occurs in large part as a consequence of CO2 and Methane being injected into the earth's atmosphere an immediate threat to mankind?
Yes    87 %
No    13 %
Question #8
Question "B"-Scientists who study the ocean indicate that they can safely dispose of much of the CO2 being injected into the earth's atmosphere, into the bottom of the ocean. Assume for the purposes of this question that the integrity of this claim is without question. Would you be willing to pay a premium of 25-30% on your gasoline prices to significantly mitigate the danger that CO2 inflicts upon our atmosphere?
Yes    52 %
No    48 %
Facts and inferences: (Glen P. Robbins) A person's right to vote makes them more confident in democracy than the Rule of Law according to this ROBBINS poll.
Respondents are split on what the definition of life is. Essentially one half are of the opinion that it is the ability to take in food and grow,while the other half focuses on the life cycle itself.
"All things considered", a majority of respondents agrees with abortion,although over one-half do not agree with an abortion at any time during the pregnancy.
A vast majority of respondents agree with current Canadian law relating to abortion.
A slim majority believes that the man in the hypothetical shooting case involving the pregnant mother (to be) should be charged with shooting and killing the embryo, although many respondents who said "No" did so because the man was convicted for shooting the woman, who survived the shooting.
British Columbians have far less confidence in the judicial system which is supposed to uphold the laws. Many British Columbians do not feel they have done a good job of late. Will Parliamentarians support a recent private members bill which seeks to have new law introduced where a person can be charged with killing the unborn child in the womb. In previous polling (circa 2005) three fourths and more Canadians believe the man who shot his pregnanat wife should be charged with the unborn's death. In this ROBBINS MAC poll, the man is convicted in the shooting of his wife, which to some extent mollifies respondents to the extent that some of them are more confident knowing the man is convicted. Could more confidence in the judicial system avert any new laws which may or may not re-open the abortion laws in this country and provoke new discussion on what is actually life?
Commentary: (James McFarlane)-An overwhelming majority of British Columbians believes that global warming is an "immediate threat to mankind". However it is clear that many respondents do not know or understand all the issues associated with global warming. Public education and the removal of political "spin doctors" are clearly imperative for clear and concise management of our environment.
There is no global plan currently in place that approaches greenhouse problems systematically where all nations work cooperatively. Economic considerations should not and cannot be the major influence in the decision making process for this most important issue for the human race.
One-half of respondents (including the majority of respondents who are'anti-abortion' generally), are willing to pay a premium of 25% or more to ameliorate the problem of CO2 gases. As referenced in question B there are many issues outstanding pertaining to deep ocean sequestration of greenhouse gasses. This new sequestration methodology is in its formative phase and environmental impact studies are required to validate this new paradigm of materials management. With that said there are large deposits of methane that is suspended in sedimentary deposits on the ocean floor that can off-gas as the oceans warm. Methane is a greenhouse gas but is also a major energy source that can be harvested or recovered to provide additional energy for the growing world population. Large-scale research is required to understand and validate how best to manage CO2 disposal and methane recovery.

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