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ROBBINS advances complaint to HAD Oliver (Conflict Commissioner) over West Van MP Joan McIntyre and BC Liberal Agenda Committee
  Jul 17, 2006

Glen P. Robbins
Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner #101-431 Menzies Street, Victoria, B.C., V8V 1X4
Attention: Mr. H.A.D. Oliver, Conflict of Interest Commissioner
Re: Complaint about Joan McIntyre MLA West Vancouver Garibaldi
Dear Sir
With respect to the above captioned I wish to file a complaint against the above captioned MLA on the basis of one or more of the following sections of the applicable B.C. Stature relating to Conflict of Interest.
The MLA in question is a former owner/partner with Mustel McIntyre now The Mustel Group. The central element of the complaint is that Ms. McIntyre pursuant to a News Release filed with the Media June 22, 2005 establishes Ms. McIntyre with the Agenda Development Committee.
This Committee is comprised of a number of Cabinet Ministers in charge of significant government portfolios. These members include: Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister Bill Bennett, Minister Shirley Bond, Minister Rich Coleman, Minister Mike De Jong, Minister Colin Hansen, Minister Carole Taylor. Ms. McIntyre is the only non Cabinet Minister sitting on this Committee. Some of the government Ministries included with the Ministers sitting on this Committee includes: Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Labour, Forestry, Education, and Mining.
Ms. McIntyre is in a position whereby information she has gleaned from the Committee meetings could be passed on to her former partners (The Mustel Group) which policy information could then be ‘polled’ and published through news media. It is possible that government public policy framed through the Agenda Development Committee, which includes the Premier, and Senior Ministers could be made more ‘sellable’ through public opinion polling and The Mustel Group specifically. (Section 4- Insider Information).
Section 2 (2) of The Act indicates that “For the purposes of this Act, a member has an apparent conflict of interest if there is a reasonable perception, which a reasonably well informed person could properly have, that the member’s ability to exercise an official power or perform an official duty or function must have been affected by his or her private interest.”
Although this is unrelated to Ms. McIntyre’s role as an elected MLA, I can prove, if necessary, that despite Ms. McIntyre’s departure from the polling firm ‘Mustel’, that she has had a recent connection to the firm nonetheless. Nevertheless, I believe that Section 2 (2) covers the issue properly in any event.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757

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