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ROBBINS on Rolling Stones, Beatles, U2, Led Zeppelin,The Who,AC DC, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet-All World Rock'n'Roll Poll
  Jul 23, 2006

An International Rock'n'Roll Poll featuring some of the greatest Rock bands in the world, along with Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. This Poll is a random sampling of 4,000 'qualified' lovers of Rock'n'Roll music between July 1st and July 18th, 2006. Respondents were notified of the nature of the poll and the limited number of band choices. These respondents were obtained from four major urban centres throughout the World including London England, Vancouver Canada, Sydney Australia, and Los Angeles California. This ROBBINS All World poll features a margin of error of 3.25%, 18 times out of 20 at 96% competency. This International Poll was sponsored in part by New Trend Optical and businessman Jim Van Rassel of Vancouver Canada, telephone (604) 942-9300.

Question #1
In your opinion which of the following Rock 'n' Roll bands is the best of all time?
The Rolling Stones    24.68 %
The Beatles    19.18 %
U2    18.45 %
Led Zeppelin    15.03 %
The Who    13.65 %
AC DC    10.78 %
Question #2
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the 1st and 3rd most richest men in the world. Recently, Mr. Buffett pledged 35 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a charity that exists to help less fortunate people around the world. In your opinion will individuals with a successful business background likely have real success in the area of worldwide charity designed to help the underprivileged and the poor?
Yes    72 %
No    28 %
Question #3
In your opinion, which of the following statements BEST describes the motivation for two of the world's wealthiest people to invest so much of their money and their time toward helping less fortunate people in the world?
It is a matter of self preservation; shrinking markets mean new ones must be made and charity dollars invested now will mean more profits later down the road    21 %
Individuals like Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett realize that no matter how much money they have, the world is beset with problems and they need to do their part to help to save the planet    31 %
They are responsible global citizens who believe in the market mechanism, but understand that there is a significant role to be played by philanthropists who can make a difference    37 %
This isn't about charity, its about business plain and simple    11 %
*all choices rotated-     %
This first ROBBINS International Rock'n'Roll Poll of Vancouver Canada, London England, Sydney Australia, and Los Angeles California, reveals some interesting and exciting information.
The number one Rock'n'Roll band in the world based on this ROBBINS poll is the Rolling Stones. The Stones were highest in London and lowest in Los Angeles.
The number 2 band is The Beatles. They scored highest in Vancouver BC, and lowest in Sydney Australia.
The number 3 band is U2. U2 scores highest in Los Angeles and lowest in London England.
The number 4 band is Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin scores highest in Vancouver BC and lowest in Los Angeles California.
The number 5 band is The Who. The Who scores highest in London England and lowest in Vancouver BC.
The number 6 band is AC DC. Not surprisingly, AC DC scores highest in Sydney Australia, and lowest in Los Angeles, California.
Nearly three-quarters of "respondents who love Rock'n'Roll" in this ROBBINS All World Rock 'n' Roll Poll are of the opinion that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates business success will carry over into their charitable efforts as these relate to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Based on this 'test', respondents in Sydney Australia were the most confident, while those in London England were the least.

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