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ROBBINS-ASK-trends in public opinion
  Oct 13, 2006

NOTICE: The publishing brand ASK, or “ASK” is legally owned and registered (through a third party) in BC and Canada by public opinion pollster Glen P. Robbins (2001). This brand name was further confirmed through the publication of an ASK newspaper of some 40 pages which featured articles and polling by ROBBINS Sce Research (1998). This newspaper was distributed by mail to all provincial and federal lawmakers with constituencies in the province of British Columbia. The owner of the name label ASK, namely Glen P. Robbins has maintained his propriety of the name through the conduct of his public opinion polling and website. This NOTICE is intended for the express purposes of allowing any entities either in the province of British Columbia, the Dominion of Canada, or in other International jurisdictions who might be using the name label or any derivative of the same to cease and desist immediately. This NOTICE will also be distributed to specific targets of media distribution in the United States, as there are laws relating to Registered names and trademarks which are International in nature, or in the alternative may apply more directly from one legal jurisdiction to another, such as British Columbian and California.
A random sample of 420 respondents in the lower mainland of British Columbia between October 5-9, 2006. This survey features a margin of error of 5.25%, 18 times out of 20 @95% competency/confidence. This poll was sponsored by Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757.

Question #1
A Vancouver BC Supreme Court Judge recently rendered a verdict which “reaffirmed rules in the BC School Act, that school boards cannot charge parents or students fees for course materials.” This decision is consistent with a previous Victoria BC Supreme Court decision in 1997 with a similar outcome. Generally speaking, do you approve or disapprove of this BC Supreme Court decision?
Approve    72 %
Disapprove    28 %
Question #2
The recent BC Supreme Court decision states that “school boards are not permitted to charge students fees for any materials, or for musical instruments, that are required for students to successfully complete a course leading to graduation.” This decision does not impact on voluntary field trips. In your opinion which of the following choices best reflects the political implications of this judgement:
School boards and elected trustees are knowingly breaking the law as this relates to the BC School Act    35 %
Issues relating to the ability of some parents to pay for public education will finally be clarified    44 %
The BC government will have to find another way to collect additional school fees from higher income BC parents with children in K-12    21 %
Question #3
According to research by ROBBINS school boards have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from parents over the last decade or longer. In your opinion should all ‘illegal school fees’ paid by parents with children in K-12 be re-paid as soon as possible?
Yes    70 %
No    30 %
A conspicuous majority of respondents in the lower mainland of British Columbia approve of the recent BC Supreme Court decision determining that school boards cannot collect illegal school fees. Those that disapprove are most inclined to choose “C” in Question #2, where the highest number of respondents are of the opinion that the court decision relates to some parents ability to pay. A high minority believe that school boards are simply collecting fees illegally or that the provincial government will need to find another way to tax higher income parents.
A significant majority of respondents agree that ‘illegal school fees’ should be paid back immediately. Others believe it is either too late or that parents “of means” should be paying additional fees for the “extra benefits” of public education.
However, a review by ROBBINS of dozens of samples of school fees from lower mainland school districts reveals that virtually all of the fees collected in every instance were clearly and conspicuously illegal. We see monies being collected for textbooks, workbooks-science and math-), gymnasium and similar fees.
School boards that sanctioned this illegal activity and school administrators that issued these bills and than collected the money on behalf of the schools also had to have known without any doubt the money was ‘dirty’. Any person with an IQ over the average room temperature would not need a legal opinion to decipher the relatively simple laws relating to Education in this province. How difficult is it really to know that a child needs a math textbook bur does not need a trip to Australia as part of their K-12 education. Instead of musing over unnecessary endeavours such as ‘grad portfolios’ and the like, school districts might be best advised to implement more practical programs of education like don’t lie, cheat and steal other people’s money.
Illegal school fees are yet another example in this province of how elected people continue to act as if they are above the law, and as a consequence cannot be trusted. This matter should have been ‘fixed’ after the 1997 BC Supreme Court Judgement. It is obvious that nothing was done because the government wanted the money. Ministerial Orders sought to circumvent the court decision are evidence of this. Yet another example of the BC New Democrats and BC Liberals taking turns at taking advantage of the BC taxpayer without appropriate penalty.
Governments in this province never seem to learn from their mistakes. Rather they simply continue to do what they choose until the public gets fed up enough and turfs them out. The industry of government in this province has a parasitic relationship with the public. Unfortunately, with elections every four years, and the world around us changing so rapidly, the public cannot afford this low standard of integrity anymore. The press doesn’t help, they only enable the fraud. In the days following the Judges Reasons the press attempted to paint a picture that these fees were more related to lower income families whose school age children might be at risk of losing many educational benefits. Baloney. The stolen fees are almost ALWAYS for items like textbooks and the like, that school taxes are supposed to pay for.
These illegal school fees represent $300 million dollars that any reasonable person on a jury would expect to be paid back to the unsuspecting parents most of whom did not want to make a fuss and cast any negative attention toward their children. The bloodsuckers in our government offices have this crude psychology figured out and exploit it. It is truly unfortunate our civil law isn’t more punitive like California and the United States where those damaged (parents with children in K-12) would likely be permitted to seek additional damages over and above the specific amount of the tort. Further, elected officials, school board trustees, and Principals and Vice-Principals who knowingly engage in this type of fraud should not be protected by agency laws, and should be included as defendants in any court action for relief. This would stop government, school boards, and school administrators from consciously stealing taxpayer money for a very long time to come.

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