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Conservative for BC demands a halt to any further studies on Tri-City Evergreen Line @ only 9% public support.
  Oct 18, 2006

October 13, 2006 Press Release- Tri-City, British Columbia- Jim Van Rassel Chair-Conservative for BC is demanding that Translink abandon its $16 million dollar study for the Light Rail (“Evergreen Line”) immediately.
Van Rassel states that “the public living in all regions of the Tri-City have unequivocally stated through polling that they prefer one form or another of Skytrain 9 times out of 10, not an on ground Light Rapid Transit like the Evergreen line.”
Adds Van Rassel “the Evergreen Line is a white elephant in the making and the $16 million dollar study, particularly when Translink may be gone in spring 2007, is nothing more than a ‘grease job’ for interested parties either in Translink or associated with Translink.”
Van Rassel cites a recent ROBBINS Sce Research poll, which his group sponsored which clearly indicates that the most favoured rapid transit is Skytrain down Lougheed Highway to Coquitlam Centre, Town Centre, and Douglas College.
Says Van Rassel “in the recent ROBBINS poll over one half of all Tri-City residents including those in Port Moody choose Skytrain down Lougheed Highway. It is also interesting that the City of Port Moody published a ROBBINS 2004 public opinion poll, prior to the Evergreen Line ever being discussed which also confirmed over one half of Tri-City residents selecting the Skytrain down Lougheed option.”
Mr. Van Rassel believes that Translink has “a duty to the taxpayers and citizens in the region more than it has duty to a handful of third parties who may or may not have an economic interest in the construction of the Evergreen Line, or who may benefit from the announced $16 million dollar ‘slush fund’.
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