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Conservative for BC Chair Jim Van Rassel demands Gordon Campbell dismantle Translink
  Oct 21, 2006

Conservative for BC Chair Jim Van Rassel is demanding that Premier Gordon Campbell immediately “fire the Translink Board and dismantle Translink.”
Mr. Van Rassel is commenting with respect to the 16 million dollars of “further study” for the Evergreen Line designated for the northeast sector of the lower mainland serving Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.
“The Evergreen Line is a dead loser and only a hand full of people demands it. Translink has never provided any evidence that residents want it.” “For the Board to approve another 16 million dollars in study when the provincial government has no intention of providing monies for the project and Translink chair Brodie (Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie) has no explanation for it (the expenditure) is very disconcerting.”
Mr. Van Rassel also calls for the immediate resignation of Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini and Coquitlam Mayor Maxine Wilson” both Directors of Translink who Van Rassel asserts “are exhibiting no intention whatsoever in following the wishes of their citizens who do not want this useless Evergreen Line.” Adds Mr. Van Rassel, “it is my belief that Mr. Trasolini is once again contributing to Port Moody fast becoming a corrupt and crummy little town” while “Wilson is probably too dumb to know the difference.”
Van Rassel asserts that “Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon should take a break from serving Gordon Campbell and his 2010 friends Mai Tai’s and Chi Chi’s and give some serious thought to the people out here in the boonies where he lives.” Adds Van Rassel “If Gordon Campbell doesn’t come up with a plan for this entire region including Surrey and points east he will be lucky to win two seats from Burnaby to Surrey in the next provincial election.”
Mr. Van Rassel also adds that he is “disappointed” with Chamber of Commerce President Brian McCristall who is also publisher of the Tri-City News. “This man has an obligation to advance the truth about all of the pertinent matters relating to the Evergreen Line but instead gallivants around the province talking like another politician while his paper misses the boat on proper reporting on various serious transportation matters relating to this region, including and in particular this no good Evergreen Line.” The citizens pay to recycle his papers and small business like mine pays his bills, he has an obligation to do his job properly.”
Mr. Van Rassel concludes “the political situation out here is desperate, and the people who are in a position to do something won’t or don’t, while the rest of us suffer their incompetence.”

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