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ROBBINS ASK Top 'SWEET SIXTEEN' Rock 'N' Roll bands in the World
  Oct 28, 2006

An Internet survey of 22,450 respondents throughout (a) Great Britain; (b) Canada; (c) The United States of America; (d) Australia, between September 10 and October 10, 2006. (62% of respondents were gathered from the United States), we estimate the accuracy of this poll of respondents who “love rock ‘n’ roll” to be within 1%-2.55%, 18 times out of 20 @95% competency/confidence. This poll was sponsored in part by a number of third parties who also provided ‘hosts’ for participation and we are grateful for their help.

Question #1
In your opinion which of the following is the best Rock’n’Roll band of all time?
The Rolling Stones    14.23 %
Led Zeppelin    13.43 %
The Beatles    10.38 %
U2    9.01 %
Queen    7.01 %
The Who    6.65 %
Pink Floyd    6.10 %
Metallica    6.04 %
Question #2
In your opinion which of the following is the best Rock’n’Roll band of all time?
Aerosmith    5.65 %
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band    5.01 %
ACDC    4.55 %
The Killers    4.35 %
The Doors    4.25 %
Guns 'n' Roses    4.15 %
Santana    3.07 %
Nirvana    2.98 %
Question #3
If you had one wish, only one which you believed could come true, which of the following events would you most wish for?
An end to global warming and a worldwide commitment to protect the environment    39 %
An end to world poverty, and extinguishment of third world debt    37 %
An end to the war in Iraq    27 %
According to this comprehensive “Sweet Sixteen” poll by -ROBBINS ASK- the Rolling Stones remain the best Rock ‘n’ Roll band of all time. The top seven bands in the world are from Great Britain. These bands control an aggregate world popularity of nearly 60% of total.
This poll expands our original July, 2006 number of listed best bands. The original ‘short list’ in this poll was top thirty which was cut again to the final “Sweet Sixteen” number.
The most significant outcomes of this poll in our opinion are: (a) the ability of Led Zeppelin to remain number 2 without having toured in a quarter century, and after only 11 years in business as a band, PLUS the number of respondents who selected Led Zeppelin #1 and refused to choose another band for their next choices (b) the ability of the Beatles (#3) to remain so popular despite disbanding over thirty years ago, and each of the Beatles embarking on solo careers thereafter (c) the staying power of popularity for the Rolling Stones (#1) and (d) the initial depth of support for 21st Century band The Killers.
ACDC (#11) got started in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with a significant change in this period after original singer Bon Scott died. The Doors (#13) produced amazing music up until the death of singer Jim Morrison and Santana (Carlos) (#15) both of whom were born of the 1960’s.
U2 (#4) remains a powerful force despite significant attention being drawn away from the band as lead singer Bono’s cause to help feed the world’s poor, and eradicate third world debt becomes the focus of attention. Queen (#5) front man Freddy Mercury past away more than a decade ago because of AIDS, yet the band’s influence remains significant today.
The top American bands Metallica, Arrowsmith, and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band take the 8th, 9th and 10th spots in this -ROBBINS ASK- poll. Each of these bands was most popular in their home country, the United States. Metallica was began in earnest in the 1980’s and really got cookin’ in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, while Arrowsmith and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have been producing excellent music for three decades.
Respondents are more inclined to select either an end to global warming/protect the environment and an end to world poverty/extinguishment of third world debt, than they are an end to the war in Iraq. Somehow the absolute futility associated with the Viet Nam War in the 1960’s and 1970’s has not ‘absolutely translated’ to Iraq yet (particularly) with respondents in the United States and England. Recent comparisons between the two wars have yet to factor in the reality that the U.S. lost in Viet Nam, and have not yet lost in Iraq. Although a higher number of Canadian and Australian respondents are inclined toward ending the war in Iraq, still more are distracted by the urgencies of feeding the poor and ending third world debt or global warming, respectively.
Actor/Director Clint Eastwood seems to have mirrored the sentiments of respondents who did not choose an end to the war in Iraq, many of whom believe mankind actually has an opportunity to do something about global warming or feeding the poor, and feel we are destined to be in perpetual conflict around the world. Respondents in Australia and Canada seem to project this sense of despair onto the hegemonic shoulders of the United States, who are the dominant player in the conflict in Iraq, and who have also been a featured player in many conflicts over the past century and more, particularly the last half century. U.S. rock ‘n’ rollers have the conflicting perspective on the war that although they don’t like it, and wish they weren’t it, that somehow abandoning the conflict will do more harm to the United States than would come from staying there under adverse and undesirable circumstances. This is a departure from the sentiment from news agencies particularly in the United States, where the lack of support for the war is expected to hurt Republicans in both houses in the upcoming mid-term elections.
It is a California Republican (and another Actor) from Hollywood, Arnold Swarzenegger who may lead the charge on saving the environment, while an Irish Rock Star continues to lead the way on eradicating poverty in our time. Will Clint Eastwood’s movie Flags of our Fathers provide the impetus to a more invigorated demand for an end to war, or like the Rock ‘n’ Roll devotees in this ROBBINS ASK poll will we continue to just accept war as part of our lives, OR a necessary sacrifice for the strategic safe-keeping of democracy in the world?
Journeyman Rocker George Thoroughgood described the importance of Rock ‘n’ Roll music as follows: “The Beatles represented freedom, Bob Dylan represented truth, and the Rolling Stones represented hope.”
In a world where wars and controversy surround traditional religions our ‘”Bad to the Bone” rocker may have provided the most important insight of all. The fact that Rock ‘n’ Roll music has been the one true ‘religion’ of the last half century and without it, we would likely be lost. Now it appears from this ROBBINS ASK poll the hope for the future of mankind may still rest with those of us who worship Rock ‘n’ Roll music and to those who continue to make the music.

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