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Why is Gordon Campbell's personal valet named to head Vancouver/Whistler IOC.
  Feb 18, 2004

A random survey of 365 respondents in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia between February 12-18, 2004. This survey features a margin of error of 5.0%, 16 times out of 20, @ 95% competency.

Question #1
Carole James of the BC NDP Party indicated that the BC Throne Speech included sixteen references to the 2010 Winter Olympics. In your opinion was Gordon Campbell using the 2010 winter Olympics to distract British Columbians from his government's mistakes? Yes-54% No-38%; Undecided-08%
Question #2
From the following choices, who should be selected to be CEO of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics? A. Man in Motion Wheelchair athlete Rick Hansen-48%; B. Canadian Forest Products CEO and one time Vancouver International Airport Boss David Emerson-34%; C. Vancouver 2010 Winter Bid President John Furlong-17%; undecided-01%
Question #3
Critics have characterized Gordon Campbell as acting like the Mayor of British Columbia, suggesting that as Premier of the province he has risen to his level of incompetence. Is this a fair characterization in your opinion? Yes-73%; No-24%; Undecided-03%
Despite BC NDP leader Carole James criticisms, respondents are not convinced that repeated references during the Throne Speech by Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo had an entire partisan affect for Gordon Campbell's BC Liberal government. However, by repeatedly raising the issue of the Olympics, the Premier has served notice that the Olympic success, as a platform will either buy him time, or take him through to another election win in May, 2005.

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