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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 28, 2006
  Nov 28, 2006

November 28, 2006 PRESS RELEASE ROBBINS ASK President and CEO Glen P. Robbins believes the massive success of the Green Party in the recent Ontario by-election was foretold by his polls of late, including the recent "Greens on the rise Canada wide" published October 24, 2006.
ROBBINS reminds readers that in his commentary for that poll he stated the following "Although the other major polls suggest rising fortunes for the Green party, this ROBBINS ASK poll suggests the Green party has more momentum than any of the other national parties by a very significant amount. Each of the major parties has lost support (Q#1-Q#2) to the Green party with the Conservatives and Liberals the biggest donors. Whether this is a blip or a trend remains to be seen."
Adds ROBBINS "Elizabeth May and the Green Party have outdone even our predictions of trends across the country, particularly in the seat fertile province of Ontario." Robbins also believes that his other prediction from that October poll may well hold up: "The end result if the pattern evidenced in this poll holds is that (38%) rather than (41%) may be the new national standard for a majority government, and proportional representation does not appear to be on anyone’s radar…yet."
Also in the Greens on the rise poll, ROBBINS ASK determined that the federal Liberals were down 10% from last years national election, and the results from the London by-election reflect a decrease of 10% or more by the Liberals despite winning the seat. If the Conservative party of Canada has not knocked anyone over with their Clean Air Act, they have not necessarily hurt themselves politically, as the other left leaning parties including the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc have more to fear from the Greens than the Conservatives do" adds Robbins.
Robbins also cites a somewhat cryptic message that he applied to a November 27, 2006 poll entitled "A Tory Quebec", which relates to the motion approved by parliament calling for Quebec to be considered "a nation within a united Canada". In the last paragraph of that poll, which presumes some interesting possibilites for the Tories in Quebec "that this is a bombshell announcement (the Quebec nation) and what isn’t for sure is how much water the Bloc ‘ship of state’ is taking on right now. Gilles Duceppe maneuvered as well as anyone could, but I think he’s hurt, though perhaps not mortally. I hope Jack Layton has something interesting to do, while Elizabeth May is confronted with either a marginal (but noteworthy) benefit or a loss depending on how she responds."
It would seem that Elizabeth May has responded quite well.

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