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ROBBINS ASK goes RAW over Democratic United States
  Dec 31, 2006

This is a random sampling of 1007 respondents throughout the continental United States between December 22nd and 30th, 2006. It features a margin of error of 2.79%, 19 times out of 20 @96% competency/confidence. More interviews were conducted between 10:00 am and 4 pm (relative to time zones), then were called after dinner. Respondents were not asked their age or their race or ethnic background. These respondents are Democratic Party supporters.

Question #1
Which of the following political actors in your opinion would make the best President of the United States in 2008?
Hillary Clinton    36 %
Barack Obama    34 %
Al Gore    30 %
None of these    09 %
Question #2
In your opinion is the issue of illegal aliens coming to the United States a serious problem to you?
Yes    58 %
No    42 %
Question #3
Should the United States increase its military presence in Iraq?
Yes    12 %
No    88 %
Hillary Clinton is split almost evenly amongst respondents according to gender with (53%) male and (47%) female supporting her in this ROBBINS ASK poll. Barack Obama has (58%) female and (42%) male supporting him, while Al Gore has (52%) female and (48%) male supporting him for President of the United States in 2008. There are slightly more female respondents in this poll which has been unadjusted.
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama perform better then Al Gore in the Northeast, while the latter increases support to (33%) across the southern United States, and all three ‘potential’ Presidential candidates are evenly divided on the west coast of the U.S. with Al Gore performing better in Oregon, and slightly better in California while Obama and Clinton are split and dominating Washington State among supporters of the Democratic party.
Senator Clinton has not yet declared her candidacy for Democratic nominee for President in 2008, but she ought to. Not only does she have a slight lead over the two other potential candidates in this ROBBINS ASK poll, she also has the majority of male respondents supporting her. Many Democrat supporters miss Bill Clinton, however Ms. Clinton’s support is undeniably her own. Being married to the former President doesn’t hurt her, considering the many Democrats who believe that she may have been calling the shots during some of the more difficult times. Hillary Clinton is definitely the odds on favourite at this time, (given the relative limitations of the outcomes of this poll).
Barack Obama is not only a media star; the women are crazy for him. Intelligent, good looking and African American, there is no doubt he is the ‘real deal’, but he will have to roll up his sleeves and get to work to increase his support amongst male supporters, if he is to have a real shot at the top prize over the medium and long haul of the campaign.
Al Gore remains the most unlikely of the three candidates offered for selection in this ROBBINS ASK poll. He is a media darling with his Global Warming campaign particularly on the west coast of the United States (which has not translated in Washington State yet), and has reasonably strong support in the south. His support in the northeast is a little thin but none of his actions to date can be interpreted as a bona fide interest in the top job. He should seriously consider it, these numbers are exceptional for someone who does not appear to be interested, but who also controls much of the Green agenda, at the same time President George W. Bush is making some inroads with Green policy of late. After accepting a dubious defeat in the Presidential election of 2000, Mr. Gore exhibited more grace then the King himself. His Inconvenient Truth movie/documentary is making him a household name in both Canada and the United States.
Illegal aliens are considered a serious problem by a majority of Democrat supporters in this poll. This majority is relatively constant throughout the United States. The issue is considered by both women in men and relatively equal numbers.
Democratic respondents in this ROBBINS ASK poll are unequivocally against adding more troops to the existing number in Iraq. Some areas like the northeast and northwest polled as low as 4% on this question. Hillary Clinton had the highest number with (18%) of her supporters (predominantly male).

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