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Should BC Lottery ticket sellers with large #'s of wins over $10,000 be investigated by the Police or the Ombudsman?
see amended note regarding Telco management at bottom  Jan 05, 2007

A random digit dialing of 565 respondents throughout the province of British Columbia between December 21st, 2006 and January 02, 2007. This ROBBINS ASK poll features a margin of error of 5.25%, 18 times out of 20 @95% competency/confidence. ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) are 100% owned and operated by Glen P. Robbins, All rights reserved. This poll was funded by Glen P. Robbins, Glen P. Robbins and Associates, ROBBINS Sce Research (1998), and Jim Van Rassel, owner of New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300.

Question #1
Recently, the BC Ombudsman’s office announced that it would investigate the BC Lottery Corporation. The investigation was instigated by complaints that sellers of lottery tickets were inclined to win prizes far more then would statistically be expected. BC Lottery officials have defended lottery ticket sellers by suggesting that they win more then average because they play more often. In your opinion which of the following expressions BEST reflects the reality?
Lottery ticket seller’s higher percentage of wins is suspicious and an investigation is appropriate    63 %
Lottery ticket sellers win more because they play more    37 %
Question #2
Philisophically speaking do you support legalized gambling which provides dollars for community purposes?
Yes    53 %
No    47 %
Question #3
Do you regularly purchase one or more lottery tickets (at least once per month)?
Yes    50 %
No    50 %
Question #4
Did you purchase any type of lottery ticket this year?
Yes    61 %
No    39 %
Question #5
Las Vegas is a city devoted to gambling. Most of the operations are owned and operated by private operators. Las Vegas is known for its excellent security. In your opinion would private operators provide a better security for your lottery ticket purchases then is currently being provided by the BC Liberal government?
Yes    38 %
No    62 %
Question #6
Which of the following provincial BC political parties do you most support?
BC Liberals    43 %
BC NDP    38 %
BC Green    16 %
Other    03 %
The majority of respondents in this poll believe that excessive wins by lottery ticket sellers of amounts over $10,000 is suspicious. One third of these respondents do not “philosophically” support legalized gambling.
Nearly 40% of respondents are of the opinion that private business would operate the BC Lottery Corp ‘more securely’. Nearly two-thirds of respondents who comprise this group regularly purchase Lottery tickets.
The fact that the BC Ombudsman’s office is investigating alleged excessive wins by BC Lottery ticket sellers is welcome news to most British Columbians in this poll. A police investigation would have been more appropriate given the nature of the claims, specifically that the excessive wins by sellers were over $10,000.
Clearly British Columbians who purchase lottery tickets are not adverse to the idea of private enterprise running the BC Lottery Corp. This is a very noteworthy consideration given the general sentiment that the BC Ferries should not have been privatized, and the nominal support for BC Liberals private public partnerships, particularly on traditional government projects such as highways and other infrastructure.
The BC Liberal government might give some serious thought to selling BC Lottery Corp. to private enterprise such as Great Canadian Casinos, or Telco Management (Vancouver)*
*ROBBINS has conducted an ‘unofficial audit’ of Telco Management, a private business which legally provides access to LOTTO and Lottery games throughout the world under various company names, and most specifically The European Lottery Guild. Our ‘hands on’ investigation has revealed that the sales operation in Vancouver BC is one of the most professional we have encountered. The training (W. Shales) was first rate, with an ethics portion of the course that could have been taught at college.
The main operations boss F. Cirney who runs an extremely tight ship, ensures that all of this workers are happy and (very) productive. I even witnessed ‘the boss’ with an apron cooking for his employees. The telephone facilities and computer programming is second to none, and the security and quality control is “tighter then Fort Knox”.
The management is absolutely brilliant, but the best part of this gaming operation is the people who work there. A veritable United Nations of individuals featuring all languages, and workers of all ethnic backgrounds and age. This is without a doubt the most positive work environment I could ever imagine. Everyone is helpful, kind, hard working, and very successful. Workers apply themselves well and everyone has a great time. I cannot imagine where a person could go and have so much fun and be paid a fair wage as well.
Whether or not you approve of gambling the global gaming industry is growing exponentially as more and more people allocate fractions of their incomes toward the various Worldwide Lotteries, and Telco Management is certainly the standard by which all others will be measured. They have set the bar high.
In our ROBBINS review, Telco Management of Vancouver scores a 93/100.
Another excellent BC business.
It turned out Telco was not so excellent. A number of more senior sales people 'established' larger accounts for me to see, these people having been made aware of my normal vocation as a public opinion pollster. As it turned out many of the accounts I witnessed had senior citizens who had initially purchased smaller amounts of tickets---(and provided their charge card information)--were up sold and were evidently attempted to be upsold for literally hundreds or thousands of pounds sterling---in longshot lottery tickets. The number of people in this 'new area' of sales who had not been sold in some time---told me stories which I found to be an unconsionable---going broke buying lottery tickets etc. It seems that the first couple of months I had only experienced the basis door opening stuff-training---etc. when I wrote the first positive piece herein. Behind the facade was in my professional opinion an abusive system of pushy sales of longshot lottery tickets to many people who could not afford to buy the tickets.

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