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ROBBINS questions another mainstream poll!
  Jan 18, 2007

January 17, 2007 ROBBINS ASK Vancouver B.C.

Glen P. Robbins President and CEO of ROBBINS ASK calls the most recent CTV/ Strategic Counsel poll from Toronto suggesting the Conservative government shouldn’t call a spring 2007 election “more partisan Liberal polling ‘swizz’ similar to the same kind of polling swizz pumped over the network news in the fall of 2005,” denounced by Robbins at that time.
Adds Robbins, “this stuff doesn’t stop…. the Liberals have been in power for so long that the polling firms and their associates in the media in this country will present ‘anything’ to create more favourable conditions for their party.” “Honestly, I don’t believe Mr. Dion needs this kind of help.”
Robbins cites general legal principles acceptable to “most right thinking ordinary citizens” when he criticizes an explanation by the CTV Strategic Counsel poll that the Conservative Party “doesn’t have any momentum” and thus should not call a spring election:
"There's nothing that's happened in the last six weeks that's really shifted public opinion since the Liberal convention, Prime Minister Stephen Harper did announce a cabinet shuffle and welcomed a Liberal defector to his Conservative caucus.” "The shuffle did nothing in terms of public opinion,"
Robbins adds that “to suggest that a Cabinet shuffle which shifted the Conservative Treasury Board Minister (Baird-Ottawa) to the Environment, at a time when as many as one half dozens polls have suggested the environment or global warming was at the top of minds of Canadians, AND a defection of an MP, an associate (Khan)(Pakistan) of the shadow Cabinet for the Defence (Dosanjh)(India) from Canada’s Liberal party to the governing Conservatives when Canada has a central global role in Afghanistan AND which resulted in a complete alteration in the balance of power in the House of Commons, unequivocally defies any reasonable understanding of political science, journalism, media, or public opinion, no matter how many years you have ‘been in the business’.
To suggest this news would not impact public opinion in any demonstrable way suggests no-one is watching the news and makes about as much sense as arguing the Toronto Maple Leafs will be Stanley Cup finalists. “It’s just crazy” concludes Robbins.

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