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Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion snubs Tri-City Chamber of Commerce
  Jan 28, 2007

ROBBINS ASK, ROBBINS Sce Research President and CEO Glen P. Robbins proclaims his visit to the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce luncheon for federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion “a disappointment of significant proportion”. Adds Robbins “as an independent public opinion pollster I seldom if ever attend public events, but went as a guest of a sponsor of my polls and my friend Tri-City businessman Jim Van Rassel.”
The luncheon held for a standing room only crowd at Coquitlam’s fabulous Executive Inn Thursday January 25, 2007 was “otherwise perfect in every way” adds Robbins. “The food was perfect, the service was great, when the national anthem was sung it could be heard down the street, and at the end of it all after all the effort, the attendance by local Mayor’s and city councilors, a fabulous introduction by the main sponsor Waste Management (not a subtle bit of symbolism), the Liberal leader from Quebec refused to answer any questions all of which were screened in advance.” “This communication from Mr. Dion was as devoid of accountability as the light rail transit currently being proposed by locals in the region”, adds Robbins.
In a classic case of what Robbins describes as “overhandling” the President of the Chamber told the stunned crowd ‘that the Liberal leader’s schedule was too busy to answer even a single question’. In the lobby another obviously annoyed Tri-City Chamber representative informed a group that Dion was “upstairs in his hotel room with the press answering questions.” One of those press agents in attendance was FAIRCHILD NEWS. Dion later attended a fundraiser for 1,000 in East Vancouver organized by Dion lieutenant Mark Marissen and his wife former BC Liberal Deputy Premier Christy Clark, neither of whom were in attendance in Tri-City.
Tri-City Chamber of Commerce member (and Robbins sponsor) Jim Van Rassel was less subtle. “This guy wants to be Prime Minister of the country and he comes to the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce to sell his new environmental economy in a region that serves as the primary recycling point for not only this province but others and treats US like shit?”
Robbins adds that there was “plenty that needed to be discussed” including Mr. Dion's assertion that ‘since China is responsible for 20% of the mercury pollution in BC waters they will be more inclined to purchase environmental technology from Canada (and British Columbia).’ Robbins adds “The Tri-City Chamber did their best but there was clearly no connection between the Liberal loyalists who attended and their new leader, it was obvious in the room that something was missing. Mr. Dion was not comfortable, there wasn’t a fit.” “If this is the federal Liberal’s idea of election readiness on the heels of threatening to vote down a Conservative budget-I suggest the Tri-City Chamber contact Prime Minister Stephen Harper and see if he would mind answering a question or two about the economy and the environment with its members.

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