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ROBBINS 'The Secret' Flys the blue sky over Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Gore and McCain
  Feb 11, 2007

A random telephone sample of 1,011 respondents throughout the continental United States between February 7th and February 11th, 2007. This poll features a margin of error of 3.10%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency/confidence level. Sponsors include Glen P Robbins and Associates and ROBBINS Media Works

Question #1
Generally speaking, which of the following choices BEST describes your current opinion about political party support?
I currently support the Democrats    44 %
I currently support the Republicans    40 %
I support Independents    8.5 %
I support the Green party    7.5 %
Question #2
How important is the role of Commander-in-Chief in the overall job of President of the United States?
Very important    58 %
Relatively important    32 %
Relatively unimportant    08 %
Very unimportant    02 %
Question #3
Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) is Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third most powerful position in government after the President and Vice-President of the United States. Should she be given a military plane for her use as the President and Vice-President are?
Yes    48 %
No    52 %
Question #4
Which of the following candidates/potential candidates would in your opinion be the BEST next President of the United States?
Hillary Clinton    29 %
Barack Obama    24 %
Al Gore    17 %
John McCain    30 %
None of these candidates    13 %
Undecided    11 %
768 of 1,011 respondents in this poll appear to be happy with the four choices ROBBINS has offered for next President of the United States. These examples as a representative sample of desirable choices improves when we consider that 24 respondents in this poll. who indicated in Question #2 that the Commander-in-Chief aspect of the Presidentís job was relatively unimportant or very unimportant also choose "undecided" in question # 4.
Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain attracts 232 or (24%) of total respondents. Hillary Clinton attracts 224 or (22%) of total respondents. Senator Obama attracts 18% of overall respondent support, while Al Gore attracts (13%) of respondents choice.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi receives most of the support for her military airplane from supporters of the Democratic Party but she also receives some support from the Republican Party. The majority of Green Party supporters do not support the airplane. 10.3% of all Barack Obama supporters in this poll believe the commander-in-chief role of the Presidentís office is relatively unimportant.
An incredible (32%) of Al Gore supporters in this poll also support the Green Party. Relatively speaking Al Gore and Borak Obama have more in common. Nancy Pelosi has more in common (relatively speaking) with Senator Hillary Clinton then she does with Senator Obama or former U.S. Presidential candidate Al Gore.
Former Green Party candidate Ralph Nader says he will run if Hillary Clinton runs. 03% of Senator Clintonís total support also supports the Green Party.

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