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Northeast sector's Transportation Hole---lot a nothin'
  Feb 14, 2007

Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is demanding on behalf of the people living in the northeast sector of the lower mainland of Vancouver that BC Liberal Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon “make up his mind who is in charge of Transportation in this Province, and if he in fact is, to decided (a) if any transportation system is going to be built in the northeast sector; AND if so, what system is going to be used SkyTrain down Lougheed Highway or the LRT through Port Moody?”
On June 25/2006 Port Moody Mayor and Translink Director Joe Trasolini indicated that he “needed to know about funding for the evergreen light-rapid-transit line by the fall of 2006.”
“Mr. Trasolini’s date has since come and gone and we have heard little from him on this account”, says Robbins.
On February 13, 2006 BC Liberal Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon told a television news audience that he was essentially going ahead with light rapid transit to the northeast sector.’
In a letter dated January 31, 2007 from BC Liberal Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon to ROBBINS ASK associate Jim Van Rassel (see enclosed) Falcon indicated that he is responding on behalf of Solicitor General John Les, wherein he writes:
“I’ve heard from others like you who’ve voiced similar concerns; many people believe the northeast sector would be better served by a new SkyTrain line rather than the streetcar system currently proposed by TransLink. My Ministry recognizes the vital role public transportation plays, particularly in high-density areas like Greater Vancouver, and I can appreciate your views. However, it’s important to emphasize that it’s TransLink-not my ministry-that is responsible for the planning and delivery of this project. That said I know many people are concerned about Translink’s ability to plan transit services appropriately, and that’s one of the reasons I appointed an independent panel to review Translink’s governance in 2006. I look forward to receiving their report when it’s completed.
Robbins concludes “it is plainly obvious the politicians in the Tri-City region, and the politicians in Victoria including Transportation Minister Falcon, are playing some really silly games with the public who are desperate for a SkyTrain system down the northeast Lougheed Highway, and not the ‘foolish’ at ground LRT system proposed by Joe Trasolini and Company.”
Mr. Robbins requests that “Prime Minister Stephen Harper not provide nor guarantee ‘these political jokers’ with any financial cooperation from the Federal government until such time as they make up their mind who is making the decisions on Transportation in this province and what that decision in terms of a rapid transportation system for the northeast sector is going to be and precisely when it is going to be built.”

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