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Campbell's Green plan
  Feb 15, 2007

Methodology: A significant number of respondents (estimated at 25%) did not want to take the poll based on the introduction “I am calling (area) with ROBBINS Sce Research to ask a few questions relating to the recent Throne Speech and specifically environmental initiatives it will only take a minute or two of your time”, to “I am calling with ROBBINS Sce Research to ask a few questions about recent Green announcements it will only take a minute of your time.” 300 respondents took the survey with only the questions indicated by #’s 1, 2 and 3. 100 respondents were offered the additional questions indicated by A, B, C. for a total of 400 respondents who answered questions 1,2 and 3. This poll between February 12-15th 2007 features a margin of error of 5.5%, 19 times out of 20 @95% competency/confidence level. This poll was sponsored by Glen P Robbins and Associates (75%) and Jim Van Rassel (25%) (604) 942-9300. If and when asked callers tell the respondent that “we are independent and pay for this poll through our own sources and a local business person, if asked who that business person is we tell them the name of the proprietor and the name of his business and location (city). Similar to conventional media we do not inform anyone of donors who choose to be anonymous or blend in with Glen P. Robbins and Associates, or other entity. There are no contributors to this poll which are in a conflict, at least to a standard acceptable in the Province of British Columbia.

Question #1
-The Campbell BC Liberal government announced in the Throne Speech Monday February 13, 07 drastic improvements to the environment through Clear Air Initiatives. Most of the expected improvements will not be determined until after the next provincial election in 2009. We want to measure the extent to which you believe Premier Gordon Campbell’s promise on the environment. Accordingly, which of the following statements BEST depicts your personal opinion of the Premier’s credibility on fixing the environment?
I do not have faith in the Premier’s environmental promises    07 %
I do have faith in the Premier’s environmental promises    29 %
With ALL politicians I operate on a “show me don’t promise me” principal    64 %
Question #2
In your opinion Premier Gordon Campbell is ‘going green’ because:
He realizes how important the environment is    15 %
He hopes to attract more voters    71 %
With Premier Campbell its politics only    14 %
None of these above    14 %
Question #3
Do you currently support the BC Liberal government?
Yes    40 %
No    60 %
Question #4
Can you tell me (caller) which political party is associated with the label “Grits”?
Could    16 %
Could Not    84 %
Question #5
Can you tell me which political party is associated with the label “Tory”?
Could    21 %
Could Not    79 %
Question #6
Did you follow the BC Liberal government’s Throne Speech on radio, television or in the news?
Yes    18 %
No    82 %
There are 4 times as many respondents who “have faith” in Premier Gordon Campbell’s Green promises as those who do not. However two-thirds of respondents are operating on a “show me don’t promise me” principle.
Question #2 reveals that the vast majority of lower mainland residents are of the opinion that the Premier went Green for the votes. All of the respondents who selected “With Premier Campbell its politics only” answered “No” on whether or not they supported the BC Liberal government.
However, a noticeable minority of respondents who indicated that they had faith (Q#1) in the Premier’s Green plan did not support the BC Liberals in Q#3.
Only one in five respondents could name which party the “Tory” label belonged to, and only one in six could name which party the “Grit” label belonged to.
Less than one in five followed the Throne Speech and the Green announcement on radio, television or in the news.
It’s difficult to accurately assess how well Gordon Campbell’s Green initiative set out in the Throne Speech recently will do with BC voters over the mid and long term. In the short term it may have made a sufficient number of voters sit back and take notice. This ROBBINS poll suggests that may be all it accomplished.
The majority of respondents in this poll appear to not be following BC political news to any great extent. Many said “they thought they saw something about in the newspaper”. To the extent that Global Warming is news everywhere, and politicians are coming after it like ‘nobody’s bizness’ there is a sense amongst respondents of “okay we (sic) get it-enough all ready.”
My sense from this poll of lower mainland British Columbians is that they are already a little oversold on global warming, but are willing to endure the ‘piling on’ by the media and the politicians simply because they want to acknowledge that it is an important issue. Too many politicians getting involved and spending too much time doing it, is going to tune voters out (in the short term they just won’t readily admit it). This is clearly exhibited in the high number of respondents who assert that they view politicians “on a show me don’t promise me” basis. Also, I am wondering if some respondents who “have faith” with Campbell’s Green initiative and who do not support his party, have either latched onto the Premier separately from his party, or have decided to support his Green initiative because they have already decided against the Premier and his party on other issues (like health-daytime respondents), and thus have nothing tangible invested in this decision.
I suspect that of the Premier Campbell and Stephen Harper, Gordon Campbell is on a ‘shorter leash’ because his political transformations are provoked more of chameleon type politics than Mr. Harper’s which are more of real politik. Mr. Harper’s announcements have been directly challenged (recent private member’s bill), in a direct political engagement from which consequences WILL flow, Mr. Campbell’s on the other hand are clearly perceived as political (and that’s okay), however respondents do not see any ‘risk’ attached to the announcement because they are off in the future, and he does not have the same latitude with promises as the Prime Minister does. Also Mr. Harper is recognized as someone who keeps his promises (or tries to keep them), while Mr. Campbell is not viewed in quite the same light.
The scrutiny of federal politicians and specifically the Prime Minister by journalists like Chantal Hebert and Andrew Coyne are unequivocal, insightful, and relentless. The approach taken by media in BC is not so, it is more of a ‘cheerleading-mood swing’ from out of the advertising and accounting department, and as a consequence I suspect isn’t taken seriously by voters accept those who support the government no matter. Deborah Hope on Global asked the Premier a direct question about he and Arnold and the Premier ducked it. I switched the station.
For that reason the political vacuum(s) which exist in BC are many and varied, however the largest incongruence which exists is the BC Liberal Party itself which cannot continue to reconcile itself to voters through the efforts of a leader who has been front and centre on the BC political state for 14 years, when a reasonable shelf life is seven years before stale dating begins (rapidly). The provincial combination of federal Liberals and Conservatives under the Social Credit banner was acceptable because Social Credit is an entirely different name label. BC Liberals ought to be big and small “L” Liberals like they originally were back in the day. There ought to be a separate provincial party of Conservatives in BC (and not a group of campers who control the name label) so that people do not become confused with Gordon Campbell dressed as Tonto and now as the Jolly Green Giant.
Obviously, the Premier is an intelligent fellow. He isn’t a very good actor, and all the money in the world won’t change this. This isn’t personal; it’s a Statement of Fact. Times are changing, and we need the political faces to change, so could we get around to managing this somehow because right now this is just god awful. The BC Liberals are confusing. We don’t’ know who they really are. No doubt by the time the next general provincial election comes around, they will tell us the economy is good, and we should vote for them because the BC NDP will ruin the province. Between now and then the media will help stall for time with this distraction and that one. It is really base quality politics.
It is not easy for a politician like Gordon Campbell to assert his ‘Liberalness’ when he has spent a great deal of his political career selling himself as a quasi Conservative. It is easier for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to sell a Green plan because he is a Federal politician and that is where the money flow sources. The local newspapers are trying to repackage the Premier as a Liberal. Maybe it’s worked in part, but it confused the hell out of Conservatives, not to mention one half of the population which only pays a little attention to politics generally let alone BC’s. Politics is a huge industry and we currently treat ‘the theatre’ like it’s the Ted Mack Original Amateur hour because the media oligopoly only wants to pay actors chump change and a promise to make them a ‘star’. No wonder the Prime Minister is just buying ads. He has figured this out!
Now Carole Taylor is a Liberal and I get that. Christy Clark is a Liberal and I get that. John Les does not strike me as a Liberal so for me I can’t accept him in that role. He seems to me (and others) to be a conservative. Rich Coleman is a conservative. Kevin Falcon is a Conservative. So cross the floor and be conservatives.
To me Gordon Campbell is more old school. He did his thing for the province and I can accept that his thing was okay but now I have to agree with (at least) one respondent who said “Campbell just wants to see himself in the newspaper.” Real men and women realize that in politics a politician needs to have his/her name in the paper, but when they go to such lengths to stay in the public eye in perpetuity they look like a Hollywood kook and it starts to seem rather annoying to a lot of men and women. Campbell staying on is just money saying “we want are guy in there”. It’s very painful to watch. Let’s clean it out and start fresh.
Basically, respondents have either said, ‘Campbell’s Green what a crock’, or ‘Campbell’s Green I don’t get it’, or ‘Campbell’s Green good for him.

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