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Re-Release ROBBINS - most accurate pollster in the World predicts big $$$ for Passion of The Christ
  Jan 02, 2011

This scientific survey is the outcome of a computerized telephone survey which may or may not be entirely random, but is not perceived to be bias toward scientific outcomes. Responses in a high majority are subject to a lesser margin of error than those with responses closer to 50/50. 855 respondents throughout the United States including 150 in North and South California, 100 in New York State, and 75 in Florida. In total 25 states were contacted with responses included herein. Best efforts were made to fairly consider the 'other' 22 states voting patterns in the last US federal general election. This survey was conducted between February 12th and 20th, 2004. The margin of error is 2.5%-5.5%, 17 times out of 20 @ 96% competency.

Question #1
Considering United States military success in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein's capture, are you confident that the United States is now relatively safe from further terrorist attacks? Yes-27%; No-63%; Undecided-10%
Question #2
There is increasing anti-Semitism in Europe, particularly in France. Which of the following choices might best explain the reason for this. A. France is trying to build a United Europe as a buttress against U.S. foreign policy, which they believe to be pro-Israel-33%; B. Jewish business and political leaders promote transnational corporations and globalization which encourages the loss of domestic jobs to cheapen markets abroad-46%; C. Other/Undecided-21%
Question #3
Canadian broadcast media and newspaper publishing is owned primarily by one Canadian Jewish family with close ties to Israel. In your opinion does this: A. encourage terrorists-43%; B. discourage terrorists-19%; C. makes no difference to terrorists-27%; D. other/undecided-11%
Question #4
The Canadian Government directed monies to French Canadien Corporations and Agencies in the Province of Quebec, which in turn provided money to French banks, arm's dealers, and possibly terrorists working for Saddam Hussein. If this is established to be true, has the Canadian government compromised its strategic relationship with the United States? Yes-84%; No-06%; not sure-10%.
Question #5
In your decided opinion, which of the following two political leaders and their parties is the best suited to battle International terrorism over the next five years? A. John Kerry and Democratic Party-46%; B. George Bush and Republican Party-49%; C-Undecided-05%.
Question #6
Is it your intention to see Mel Gibson's controversial move, "The Passion of the Christ?" Very likely-21%; Likely-23%; Unlikely-17%; Very Unlikely-14%; I don't know-23%.
Americans do not feel safe from terrorism yet. France is moving quickly to promote a United Europe. Historically, France has been considered by political scientists to be the most 'nationalistic' state in the world. In order to bring other European countries 'onside' anti-Semetic sentiments become useful political tools. (where have we heard this before?). Historically, Jewish people have not been allowed to own land as nation states developed. As a consequence they developed cross border mechanisms for trade. As countries and continents are attracted to more 'protectionist' policies, and with the failure of The United Nations over Iraq, Jewish influences over transnational organizations and global bodies such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are perceived as threats to national sovereignty.
American respondents in this survey were shocked and surprised at the fact that the Canadian government through subsidies to Quebec corporations were possibly funding terrorist or at a minimum, efforts to undermine American interests abroad. Americans have lost confidence in Canadians. Who can blame them?
Democratic hopeful John Kerry, and U.S. President George W. Bush are both equally seen to be the right person to handle US foreign policy abroad. The question is which will best be able to reconcile American desire to put a stop to terrorism, with an 'economic protectionist' sentiment felt by many Americans.
Mel Gibons's The Passion of The Christ is being released in timely fashion. Will receipts hit 500 million to one billion as respondents in this survey suggest?

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