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ROBBINS (re-issue-McCain most popular in U.S.) on Iraq, Iran, and the ROBBINS List of potential 2008 Presidents
A re-issue from February 27, 2007-showing McCain most popular in US  Feb 20, 2008

A random telephone sample of 1,150 respondents throughout the mainland of the United States between February 22-27, 2007. This poll features a margin of error of 3.44%, 19 times out of 20 @96% confidence/client competency.

Question #1
With the British commencing to remove troops from Iraq, is it your opinion that President George W. Bush should do the same?
Yes    54 %
No    46 %
Question #2
In your opinion is Iran moving nuclear because?
It wants nuclear energy    29 %
It is up to no good    71 %
Question #3
In the event that the United States ultimately reduced its level of troops in Iraq over the next year, and more pronounced civil war developed as a consequence which statement would BEST explain this circumstance in your opinion:
The Iraqi government and security failed    64 %
The U.S. failed the people of Iraq    07 %
The Bush White House should not have misled the people    29 %
Question #4
In your opinion which of the following candidates would you prefer for you next President in 2008?
Hillary Clinton    18.5 %
Barack Obama    13 %
John Edwards    7.5 %
Al Gore    11.5 %
John McCain    19 %
Mitt Romney    9.5 %
Rudy Guiliani    12 %
Condoleezza Rice    8.5 %

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