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A return letter from Jim Van Rassel to Tory MP James Moore
  Mar 01, 2007

February 28, 2007 An Open letter to my Member of Parliament Mr. James Moore, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OA6
I want to thank you James for your quick reply to my original letter. As I understand it, although you are Conservative on fiscal issues, you are progressive on social issues. This latter belief would make you politically more liberal (on social matters).
This likely explains your popularity as a politician in the Tri-City area as you receive significant support from BC Liberals in the region, including Iain Black, Greg Moore, Harry Bloy and others. Perhaps this is why a potential competitor Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini (a federal Liberal) is popular with Liberals and New Democrats. Without this additional support, it is likely that you might not win by as much as you do. There is the point; in order for you to be elected you must attract both federal Conservatives and BC Liberals to one tent known as federal Conservative. For the average voter, this might cause a headache. Am I voting for Conservative or Liberal they would ask themselves? To make it simpler, they are simply told, well as long as we arenít NDP! The problem here is that voters donít understand the issues and become confused over the different parties involved, but can vote for you simply because you arenít the NDP.
Itís unfortunate it has to be this way, but I suppose as long as people vote thatís okay.
Your apparent ability to bring people together who are both Liberals and Conservatives put you in a position to eventually get the following BC Liberals to go out and support Conservatives (federally). This transition of Liberals to the Conservatives may well be what provides the Prime Minister with a majority government after the next federal general election.
I note that these BC Liberal names you provided have come to support the Conservatives under Prime Minister Harper and they are (envelope please): 1. Rich Coleman 2. John Les 3. John Van Dongen 4. Iain Black 5. Greg Moore 6. Harry Bloy 7. Lorne Mayencourt 8. Richard Neufeld
James, although I donít like the idea of a coalition called Liberal or BC Liberal, and prefer to differentiate between a Liberal and a Conservative as they do in most other provinces, I can understand why you have connected with the BC Liberals. You are neither hot Conservative nor hot Liberal. You are somewhere in between.
What concerns me I suppose is that these BC Liberals who support you may only be Conservatives now because you and the Prime Minister are doing so well. How do we know that these BC Liberals might not change their mind and start cooperating again with federal Liberals in the BC Liberal party (like Carole Taylor and Gordon Campbell)? Also, Liberals donít want anti-terrorism legislation and Conservatives do. I want anti-terrorism legislation even though the legislation has never been used in the past five years, but maybe it has never been used because potential terrorists are aware that it is there. No more. I wonder how many of these BC Liberals you say are Conservatives now actually supported removing the anti-terrorism legislation. I hope you donít mind if I ask them formally? Of course not, I am a voter and a taxpayer.
Wouldnít it be more comfortable for you as an MP, and potentially as a potential Cabinet Minister, privy to the discussions at the Executive level, if these new Conservative converts in the area like Greg Moore, Harry Bloy, Lorne Mayencourt, and Iain Black with whom you obviously have mutual influence signed up as members of the Conservative party of Canada so that we all could trust them to be loyal to the Prime Minister?
What happens if like Coquitlam city councillor Richard Stewart, these Ďnew foundí Conservative supporters tell some voters who are Conservatives (when they are with them), that they are Conservatives too, and then when they are with Liberals, tell those people they support Liberal? That is why I pointed out Richard Stewartís presence in the endorsement of BC Liberal/Conservative hybrid Reimer (city councilor) in my original letter. I donít believe you knew that Richard Stewart really was impressed by Liberal Opposition leader Stephane Dion, fawning all over him.
Yet Mr. Harper and Mr. Dion are as different as night and day. Certainly it is better that a candidate or elected official be honest about their political affiliations and ideology. It isnít fair in my opinion to trick voters.
I also believe it isnít relevant that I become a Conservative party member. Currently, I prefer my status as a voter only... After all first things first. Elected officials are different; they should declare their membership in other political parties, so we know where they stand. The reason for this is simple, voters do not get paid, and they are the ones who pay the politicians. You, Harry Bloy, Iain Black and Greg Moore work for me, I am their boss. As Austin Powers says ĎI where the daddy pantsí. Without the voters (taxpayers) the politicians would have to find a real job. Therefore, itís my opinion that voters/taxpayers are the most important in the political food chain, and politicians are lower. Yet, it never seems to me that politicians really understand or accept this reality. I know you are able to tell the difference because you were able to take BC Liberals who I suspected were really just Liberals in Conservative clothing, and make them declare who and what they were, or did it for them because you are their political boss.
You must admit that a politician in a coalition party can be two different people whenever it was necessary. Almost like a double agent.
Again, I am very impressed with your quick response and honesty, and wish you continued luck with your new found Conservative supporters.
Sincerely, Jim Van Rassel (604) 942-9300 (604) 328-5398

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