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Coquitlam by-election debacle
  Mar 23, 2007

On Saturday March 3, 2007, the Coquitlam city council seat vacated by 'dine n' dash' city councillor Hollington was filled by Union backed candidate Neal Nicholson. Second place went to BC Liberal/James Moore endorsed candidate Linda Reimer.
The election drew a pitiful 5.1% of eligible voters, despite the pleadings of (grabber d'ane)Coquitlam city councillor Richard Stewart's {not to be confused with another (stalker du soir) in the Liberal dominated local Tri-City News (et la foundation de cage d'oiseau). For the writer to suggest that both Mr. Stewart and the local paper (et afficiando de rechauffement de l'atmosphere) overstated their mutual contribution to the advancement of democratic ideals (ils sont juste dans lui pour se)is to be prudent at best.
One segment of Mr. Stewart's pleadings in the Tri-City article (durer la minute libere advertorial qui doit etre determine unde depense d'election), relates to the perceived danger of the by-election being co-opted by 'special interests'(le discours du pot appelant le noir de bouilloire).
Mr. Stewart does not specifically tell us who these special interests are and attempts to shroud his warning (le connard pense qu'il est Paul Révére)amidst his sermon on the virtues of voting (Je suis chrétien, je suis démocratique, je suis toutes choses à tous gens à tout instant).
It is however fair and reasonable to say that by publicly endorsing Mrs. Reimer's candidacy, Mr. Stewart is telling us more about himself and his friends and associates including (but not limited to Conservative/liberal MP James Moore), than he could ever hope to tell us about ourselves (hypocrit politique typique, faire comme je ne dis pas comme je fais).
Somehow we are expected to suspend reality sufficiently to digest the possibility that Richard Stewart has sufficient credibility to adjudicate who and what a special interest is. It would appear to us that in fact Mr. Stewart is the only special interest we are certain of, owing in part to his public declaration (quiconque conseille ce gars a l'air d'être le contre hamelin de village).
In a manner which is tantamount to a public disposition of the best of Rogerian therapy, Mr. Stewart serves up his best efforts of confession as to his own culpability for democratic failures, and provides yet another 'steaming' example of what is wrong with politics and politicians (vous aviez raison du début à la fin quand vous avez dit qu'ils étaient tout plein de lui). Mr. Stewart is supported by BC Liberals, is friends with federal Liberals, is friends with Conservative MP James Moore, and ran provincially on the civic ticket of federal and provincial Liberal Jon Kingsbury. In this latter example of democracy going in the shitter in Coquitlam, Mr. Kingsbury, Stewart et al went to great (perfectly legal thank you) lengths to not disclose their spending, AND accused current Mayor Maxine Wilson (le nigaud officiel de Coquitlam)of being the special interest.
It is just a little ironical that Ms. Reimer (BC Liberal) received approximately 41.6% of the vote as between herself (le deuxième endroit n'est pas d'endroit), and her union endorsed competitor Neal Nicholson. This 41.6% is approximately the level of support James Moore receives, and is about the support the BC Liberals receive in Richard Stewart's former provincial riding of Coquitlam-Maillardville. The NDP receives about 45-46% of public support in this same area according to provincial polls conducted by ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) (peut-être les seuls gens dans le secteur qui a en fait un indice qu'ils parlent de).
Accordingly, what Mssrs. Moore and Stewart have unwittingly done is set the bar lower for Ms. Reimer. By over estimating their own relative import or influence in the region they set Ms. Reimer's fate in stone by limiting her growth to essentially the limits of their own standards of achievement. In contrast Mr. Nicholson only had to achieve what the NDP achieves to win the election.
Through all of this sloppy play, there exists a silver lining. To understand it, we must first admit our own limitation, or rather the aforementioned politicians must admit theirs. Because it is unlikely that they will do so I will help them along with my own diagnosis.
The people don't vote in high numbers in local elections. The people that run for office in this region are neither interesting nor innovative. The local newspapers are partly to blame because their presentation and content is consistent with the aforementioned standards established by the politicians (ils les deux ennuient plus que regardant la peinture sèche). The disconnect between what the public actually wants achieved, and what the local politicians pursue as policy initiatives on the public's behalf are inconsistent (inconsistentles politiciens veulent seulement les votes pas l'opinion du public).
If voters want any sort of relief, they need only avail themselves of the real deal, the actual reflection of their experiences, strengths and hopes through the insight and accuracy of ROBBINS ASK, ROBBINS Sce Research (1998). This is the place to get a reality check indeed.
If the website isn't enough to ameliorate the growing discontent, why not consider this? Find out who your local politicians are, and the next time there is a civic election, place only one vote, for a candidate who is none of those offered.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 Jim Van Rassel (604) 942-3800 Jim Van Rassel declares that "he has only recently become a bona fide member of both the federal Conservative Party of Canada, and the BC Conservative Party." With respect to the B.C. Conservative Party, Mr. Van Rassel has communicated his unequivocal position that the BC Conservative Party ought to pursue more substantive fund-raising campaigns and not simply 'squat' on the name label.

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