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Glen P Robbins calls on BC Attorney General to pursue first degree murder charges in death of Delta mother and unborn child
  Mar 13, 2007

Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) BC's Premier public opinion news source, and ROBBINS MediaWorks, an advocate for truth in news publication is calling on BC Attorney General Wally Oppal to "increase the charge level against the accused in the Manjit Panghali case to first degree murder, and to include additional charges of first degree for the murder of the Ms. Panghali's unborn child."
Adds Robbins, "this is a gruesome and disgusting offence against a young woman and her unborn child, and the charges should reflect this completely and unequivocally."
Mr. Robbins also demands that the BC Attorney General's Office disclose whether or not those charged in the case are paying for their lawyers or receiving a lawyer free of charge at the expense of the taxpayer. "I could not help but notice that the accused has pleaded not guilty to the charges and I want to know if this not guilty defense is being funded by the public purse or by the accused."
Robbins asserts that "The public has already been poorly represented in the Air India matter by a 'limp-wristed' effort by the BC AG's office, and I don't believe we want to see another person or persons who cannot abide by the laws of our land, frankly get away with murder simply because we don't want to offend some people politically."
"Ms. Panghali's murder AND the murder of her unborn child are regarded as repugnant to right thinking members of our society and this sentiment ought to be properly reflected by those in government who are responsible for protecting society, and accordingly if there is no guilty plea forthcoming ought to vigorously be prosecuted as double first degree murders."

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