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U.S. China Trade/Attorneys General firing/Amnesty/Hillary-Trump-McCain
  Mar 23, 2007

There is some public momentum in the United States which supports substantial tariffs being applied to Chinese exports into the United States. The Chinese government is said to about to “lose its mind” over this unexpected and certainly “shocking” about face in U.S. policy.
The American policy is propelled somewhat by the negative sentiment caused in part by dubious equity market constructs including hints of ‘rummage sale’ techniques to falsely support capital markets. The reader should note that Japan’s capital markets weakened over a similar type irregularity in the integrity of their equities and financial systems.
When a country like China with 1 trillion, (you heard me), dollars in its CASH account requires its governments to assist in what is tantamount to either a money laundering scheme or even ‘wash trading’ (in perpetual motion), there is something potentially wrong with the patient.
A potential (27%) tax on Chinese exports to the United States could spell disaster for China’s economy, but a swelling trade deficit will only grind away at the core of America’s economic fundamentals, and fundamental are cornerstones of success in commerce (and football).
Americans are virtually split on the idea of amnesty for approximately 20,000,000 illegal aliens. Unions and business groups are supporting the amnesty.
Those who support the amnesty are shy of 51%, but many undecided would like a resolve to the matter.
A bare majority of respondents are of the opinion that The White House’s firing of Attorneys General was politically motivated. Slightly less than one half are of the opinion that it is the President’s prerogative.
The U.S. Senate’s vote with respect to a timeline for troop withdrawal does not jive with public opinion. A slight majority would have preferred a vote in support of a timeline.
Hillary Clinton’s assertion that some troops will remain after a main withdrawal provokes a clear division among supporters.
Arizona Senator John McCain (A lot of Black voters like McCain-it’s true), isn’t backing away from Iraq, and he has a good base of support for his position particularly after the recent Senate vote.
Or is this something else? I think Americans are beginning to soften for Bush; he’s been tortured of late. If you’re Donald Trump Bush couldn’t leave a moment too soon. But the President is anything but ‘dead’.
Is this investigation and impeachment talk going to blow past or blow over the recent group of Americans more ready to cut the President some slack? After all, the vote was not successful.
There are a large number of respondents who view the numbers provided in Q#6 relating to gay and lesbian troops somewhat cynically. There is a sense, (not an absolute sense), that gays and lesbians are more acceptable to the military because it is desperate for more troops. Others are less supportive of gay and lesbian troops and are worried ‘that the military will take anyone’.
One third (net) of all Americans agrees with Donald Trump that “George W. Bush is the worst President ever” and that ‘Americans should declare victory and get the hell out (of Iraq).’ Mr. Trump has an audience, as 50% of those respondents willing to provide a definitive answer are willing to seriously consider him for President of the United States. These numbers are good enough for Mr. Trump to consider making a run, due in large part to his (mostly) straight talking image with Americans. It is important to note that Mr. Trumps comments about Iraq stand in stark contrast to the outcome of the vote in the Senate. Americans will ‘tune in’ to some straight talk, and maybe some of that at Conrad Black’s bash in Chicago.
You can bet on it.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 -30-

Question #1
American financial experts are suggesting that China’s huge trade surplus measured against a corresponding significant U.S. trade deficit, based in large part from China’s unfettered access to the U.S. marketplace, and by other accusations that China has falsely propped up its capital markets gives China an unfair trade advantage. Accordingly, are you prepared to have your elected official vote to direct a (27%) duty on China’s exports to the United States?
Yes    54 %
No    46 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #2
In your opinion should America provide ‘amnesty’ to approximately 20,000,000 illegal aliens presently living in the United States?
Yes    47.5 %
No    49.5 %
Question #3
There is no prior history of a White House firing Attorneys General mid-term. Recently George W. Bush fired 8 Attorneys General. Which of the following statements BEST reflects your opinion of President George W. Bush firing the Attorneys General mid term?
In my opinion George Bush’s decision to fire the Attorneys General is political    54 %
In my opinion as the President of the United States, it is his legitimate right    46 %
I don’t Know/Undecided    08 %
Question #4
The American Senate narrowly voted against a timeline to remove U.S. troops from Iraq. Do you agree or disagree with this outcome?
Agree    45.5 %
Disagree    54.5 %
Question #5
Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has contemplated that even if troops are withdrawn from Iraq, some troops would have to remain no matter. Do you agree or disagree with Senator Clinton’s idea?
Agree    48 %
Disagree    48 %
Unsure    04 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #6
Senator John McCain has taken the position that America MUST take a strategic stance in the Middle East, and thus cannot withdraw. In your opinion does John McCain’s point make sense to you?
Yes    44 %
No    49 %
Unsure    05 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #7
A few years ago over 1,000 gays and lesbians were kicked out of the military. This number is now heading toward 600. Why the drop in number of gays and lesbians being kicked out of armed services?
the United States government will gladly use gays and lesbians in Iraq now that they recognize they have a shortage of troops    31 %
less gays and lesbians are joining because they were mistreated initially    21 %
It’s difficult to interpret those numbers as they are too vague-    48 %
None of the Above    17 %
Question #8
Donald Trump recently called George W. Bush “the worst President ever”, and has also declared that ‘the U.S. ought to declare victory in Iraq and get the hell out’. Do you agree with Donald Trump on his assessment of the U.S. President and foreign policy in Iraq?
Yes    42 %
No    58 %
Undecided/Won't Answer/Spoiled Ballot    22 %
Question #9
Would you seriously consider voting for Donald Trump if he were to run for President of the United States?
Yes    27 %
No    29 %
Undecided    44 %

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