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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics April 1, 2007
  Apr 01, 2007

Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS ASK, ROBBINS SCE Research (1998) wants to know why “The Gordon Campbell BC Liberals are so desperate that they require the services of a massive multi-billion consulting, marketing, media, and pension conglomerate to promote feel good propaganda for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Games?”
Robbins cites a recently published “livability” ‘study’ conducted by the Mercer Human Resources firm ranking Vancouver third in the world behind two cities located in Switzerland, home of the International Olympic Committee. “Mercer is a 12 billion dollar conglomerate with contributors like consulting giants KPMG (Germany) who along with others make millions from governments across Canada and in particular British Columbia. Mercer, originally a pension fund has ties to the New York and Chicago stock exchanges, and large media conglomerates in the United States. Mercer through its agencies and others in already involved with the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, reflecting an association with the IOC, and potentially a conflict in terms of its ability to promote livability studies, which might be intended to promote the Olympics as well.” Robbins adds that “it is a little more than ironic that there were recent reports of a potential equity buy-in of Bell Globalmedia (parent of CTV who owns the broadcast rights to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games) by pension groups out of New York, when so many pension groups and related consulting firms have ties or relationships to the one conducting this study, who also has some type of relationship to the IOC or to the development of the Olympic Games.”
Adds ROBBINS “in our recent poll of real British Columbians it was revealed that less than 10% of the public was aware of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic costs, and that British Columbians believed the Olympics were negatively impact on social programs such as health, education and the environment. These concerns are substantial when we consider that they still don’t know the costs associated with the Athens Games three years after the fact. Clearly, British Columbians have far greater concerns about livability than large multinationals with ties to the IOC.”
Robbins declares “I have no problem with people recognizing what a beautiful city Vancouver is, what causes me concern is when media freely and liberally publishes material which if properly researched, could only be characterized by a right thinking individual as “paid for public relations propaganda with undeniable ‘relations’ to the International Olympic Committee, and thus Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic Games.”
Concludes Robbins “what is at issue here is of paramount importance for all British Columbians (Canadians) and reflects a type of David and Goliath attitude. ROBBINS ASK’s the people who live here for their opinion about the Olympics relative to major social issues and Olympic size costs and we determine there are huge bona fide concerns. Along comes a huge multinational firm not three days afterward with ties to other huge multinational firms with ties to copious amounts of cash, New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, potential foreign ownership of Canadian media, the Olympic Games and with further ‘relationships’ to the IOC who are permitted to spread their ‘public relations cheerleading’ of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics holus bolus, without any consideration of these relationships being properly researched by the news media that reports this ‘feel good’, particularly when there are extremely serious social implications for hundreds of thousands of people who live in this province who are worried about surviving, about the health of their families, the education of their children, and the best interests of their environment.”
“It’s a situation that should make every person in BC and Canada very uncomfortable.”
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 -30-

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