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James Moore up to his 'Fins' with Moore trouble
  Apr 03, 2007

This 'sample' of 150 respondents in the riding of Port Moody/Westwood/Port Coquitlam reflects the challenges being encountered by incumbent MP James Moore of the Conservative party, when confronted with local candidates with particular name recognition including political symbolic value.
Of the human choices offered, only MP James Moore is certain to run (the Green candidate has no name offered). Mr. Moore who has cleverly retained good relations with BC Liberals in the region, would as this snap survey suggests have a difficult time with either Coquitlam city councillor Fin Donnelly or Port Coquitlam city councillor Greg Moore.
Fin Donnelly is well recognized as an environmental advocate but his time at city hall in Coquitlam has seasoned him sufficiently to know that there is more to governance than single issues, no matter how important these are to most Canadians.
Greg Moore is very well liked in Port Coquitlam and could potentially impede James Moore's ability to hit the magic 40% required to retain his seat, numbers which most people expect the young smart Conservative to retain.
Community leader Jim Van Rassel is probably not as well known as the other candidates, however describing him as a community leader likely helps some respondents to choose him, as does being an independent owing to the fatigue that voters feel as this relates to a lack of independence in their MLA's and local elected politicians.
In this snap survey, the Green party's candidate is not confirmed at publishing time, and their numbers (without a specific name attached) might be affected, however Green would have problems if Donnelly runs because of his extensive Green track record.
If James Moore is able to hit 40% with real competition with the likes of Fin Donnelly, Greg Moore, and the Flying Dutchman Jim Van Rassel (Wacky Bennett goes to Holland), than he is the real deal and deserving of a Cabinet position.
On the other hand, if James is given a free ride as he was last election competing against political corpses in Jon (phone em instead)Kingsbury (Liberal) and 'hybrid' candidate Mary Woo Sims (NDP) than he is not.
This is a snap survey conducted between March 28 to April 1, 2007. There is no margin of error featured, and this was paid for in part by Glen P Robbins and Associates, and Jim Van Rassel New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300 (who was used as a choice in question #2 herein). There is no margin of error or other provided herein.

Question #1
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Gordon Campbell may step down as Premier of British Columbia to pursue a career in private consulting with aboriginal groups. If Premier Campbell were to step down would this cause you to be upset?
Yes    19 %
No    68 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    11 %
Question #2
A Federal election is set to be called for May/June of 2007. As it stands which of the following candidates and their parties, or other, would you support, are you not sure, or are you undecided?
MP James Moore and Conservative Party    29 %
Coquitlam city councillor Fin Donnelly and New Democratic Party    28 %
Poco city councillor Greg Moore and Liberal Party    25 %
Candidate and Green party    06 %
Community leader, Independent Jim Van Rassel    13 %
Undecided    21 %

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