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A Dear John letter
  Apr 04, 2007

I am writing concerning Tri-City Chamber of Commerce Dennis Marsden’s ridiculous puff piece in the Tri-City News on April 4, 2007.
Mr. Marsden appears to be so far up Port Moody Mayor Trasolini’s butt that he can’t see straight. After Trasolini’s rather slimy land deal in Port Moody that neither of Marsden’s chums at the local papers chose to report on, and his ultimate sentence to the Translink ‘dunce club’, it is a little ironic that Mr. Marsden has decided to pick that particular orifice from which to demonstrate his affection for the politician who has probably done more than any other to hurt the region’s chances for rapid transit while he apparently looks after his own economic well being. Why aren’t the police investigating this on the basis of ‘insider information’ from the point of Translink (whether JT was a Director or not)?
Mr. Marsden is in banking. Banks are often involved in land deal purchases. HMMM. Perhaps Mr. Marsden should stick to banking and stay out of politics; it seems he isn’t very good at it. Let me explain:
Mr. Marsden thanks Mr. Trasolini for a particular event involving the Chinese. This is the same Marsden and the same Trasolini who devoted Tri-City Chamber time and resources to federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion who blamed the Chinese at the Tri City luncheon in his honour, for polluting the hell out of British Columbia.
Now Mr. Marsden wants to sell his pollution ratification to Gordon Campbell’s Liberals who want to go Green. If I’m Gordon Campbell I’m going to say, (depending on whether he is a liberal or conservative that day) “Dennis, sell crazy somewhere else.”
In my opinion both Joe Trasolini and Dennis Marsden are of no benefit to the Tri City area, and should both get their affairs in order to ultimately resign and save the good people of this region their wasted, confused, and self-serving efforts.
I suspect after the next federal election they may not avail themselves of such a generous exit strategy.
Jim Van Rassel (604) 942-9300 (604) 328-5398 Call-I dare ya’

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