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ROBBINS give the odds for Stanley Cup Finalists!
  Apr 08, 2007

Here (before you head to that rest room with your laptop to read more ROBBINS-that's right I see you on my site buddy/buddette-and yes go ahead with the jokes) are ROBBINS best odds to make the Stanley Cup Finals.
1. Buffalo- 2 to 1 odds. Great rankings throughout all ROBBINS calculations. Too many goals against however, and lost a few they ought to have won.
2. San Jose- 5 to 2 odds. Very respectable numbers throughout all statistical calculations. Big advantage going in as San Jose does well against division, they crack a little at home though.
3. Detroit- 3 to 1 odds. Very good numbers throughout ROBBINS calculations. Good goalkeeping. Is this Detroit team really capable of winning?
4. Nashville- 4 to 1 odds. Once again another team with great numbers throughout calculations. This year will tell us all we need to know about Nashville.
5. Vancouver- 5.5 to 1 odds. Only adequate numbers throughout calculations, but that is what makes this team very seductive to gamblers. Their downside is their least impressive calculations relate to games within division, however Vancouver has been hot, and is an accountant's dream, they know how to win a lot of games by one goal. With Luongo, really anything is possible here folks.
6. Dallas- 7 to 1 odds. Decent numbers but nothing outstanding. This is no ordinary hockey team. Does this team truly have the leadership to make it all the way? That is the question one must ask before making any wager here despite reasonable odds.
7. New Jersey- 7.5 to 1 odds. Decent numbers, no screamer, but the Devils remain stingy, and who knows what that twisted insider stuff was all about. Sometimes that voodoo management style produces. Great goalie. New Jersey must be respected, particularly back east.
8. Anaheim- 8 to 1 odds. Good numbers but nothing that mirrors expectations. Anaheim doesn't know how to bury opponents, and they are no screamers against their own. We'll see (and probably early).
9. Minnesota- 8.5 to 1 odds. Deceptively good numbers through ROBBINS calculations, enough so to make a person take a pause BEFORE writing Minnesota off. They could yet bust a move!
10. Ottawa- 9 to 1. Ottawa doesn't win enough, nor do as well as they should, because unfortunately they are not winners. Their numbers show flares of strength and power but taken overall, they merely flicker. A team to watch but I'm not ready to wager money on this team.
Methodology- not all team's eligible for playoffs are mentioned here. Criteria for inclusion predicated on GFA being higher than GAA. Baseline calculation used for GFA and GAA is 2.5. Merging of calculations from scoring outcomes conducted by way of averaging (1) and mean averaging (2).

April 23rd, 2007
Well, so far ROBBINS odds appear to be on track, with Buffalo, San Jose, Vancouver, Detroit, New Jersey and Ottawa winning. We can't take any credit for Anaheim although we did place them close to Minnesota, Anaheim won handily.
At this juncture Anaheim is the only team we may not have handicapped as well as we should, however the series vs. the Vancouver Canucks will provide greater insight yet.

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