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With Extreme Prejudice
ROBBINS comments on McCristall/Tri-City News Editorial dated April 6, 2007  Apr 08, 2007

Brian McCristall, publisher of the Tri-City News in Tri-City British Columbia, writes in an editorial in his newspaper bemoaning low election turn-outs (5% in by-election). As part of the solution to voter apathy Mr. McCristall suggests that organizing political actors onto Teams would be a step in the right direction.
In our last municipal election former Mayor Jon Kingsbury organized one of these Teams, "Coquitlam First" along with a number of other candidates, including Marion Lockhead, a Vice-President with Conservative MP James Moore. Also on the ticket was leaky condo guy Richard Stewart, now a Coquitlam city councillor. None of the election expenses of the Coquitlam First Team were ever declared. How accountable is that? Were these political actors properly ripped for this nonsense. I don't mean Tri-City News ripped, I mean the whole load, ROBBINS ripped?
Ironically, one of the few really competent local politicians in the province, Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey decided to organize a type of independent group of local politico's, all women, free to vote as they please. This in response to former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum's SET Team which is also home to BC Liberal Kevin Falcon. In other words while Mr. McCristall encourages more organization among candidates, Ms. Watts sees more independence as the answer. There is a simple explanation for this. Mr. McCristall, who is the past President and de facto leader of the Liberal Chamber of Commerce, wants better control of the political process in the Tri-City. He believes he has the answers to voter apathy, when we at ROBBINS are of the opinion that Mr. McCristall need go no further than his own mirror to see one of the major contributors to citizen disinterest. He and his newspaper. For that matter both local newspapers.
The Tri-City News is one of many newspapers in British Columbia owned by David Black of Black Press. Mr. David Black is very close friends with Premier Gordon Campbell. You will be hard pressed to ever read anything too negative about Mr. Campbell or the BC Liberals in this paper.
To be fair, the Coquitlam Now whose owner the Asper family of Winnipeg staunch Liberal supporters for many years, also owns many newspapers throughout the province. Between these two owners media newspaper ownership is monopolized.
With local advertisers hoping to push inventories and create a happy environment for their ' rent free' community pollution, why report the truth about politics. In Mr. McCristall's version of Plutocracy, why bother? Go golfing and count your silver.
Locally, neither newspaper felt the sudden shift of discussion on rapid transit from Lougheed Highway to St. John's with the inclusion of light at grade rail was worth discussing to any extent. Neither paper felt Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini's land purchase at this same time to be noteworthy. Even Conservative MP James Moore, whose constituency office is located just down the street from the controversial land purchase which landed Mr. Trasolini in hot water with Translink (and the citizens), turned a blind eye to the purchase. Why?
Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young ought to have been encouraged to step down as soon as he was charged. ROBBINS polled the issue clearly defining at what point the public expected this. The Mayor had obviously cracked emotionally following a series of family difficulties, and an apparently inability to manage an alcohol problem (which can diminish even the best of us). So overwrought was the Mayor over this relationship gone sour that sources say he had invested of his young son to take flowers and candy to the woman in order to jumpstart the affair. I was in the community after the first charges were filed and asked around. The local pretenders (who belong to every organization and claim to power and influence when they have none) all said the same thing. The woman was crazy and is making it up. This writer knows what its like to be attacked by a group of vindictive crazy women and it isn't pretty. Women can lie every bit as good as a man can, but in this situation with the Mayor wasn't there anyone in public office locally or otherwise who had the balls or the sense to tell him to take a hike (at least for awhile)? Yet according to sources, the Mayor was permitted to stay on and ended up apparently at the alleged victim's home.
What if something serious had happened?
In terms of politics, does it not seem odd to Mr. McCristall that James Moore's constituency Board has a Vice-President who is a real estate agent with a dubious record in that industry, and whose husband is best friends with former federal Liberal candidate Jon Kingsbury, who ran in the last general federal election "as a favour to Liberal Christy Clark", whose husband is the 'mover and shaker' behind current federal Liberal Stephane Dion, and former Libral Prime Minister Paul Martin?
The problem isn't about being on identifiable teams, it relates to the complete lack of reporting of corruption both big and small in our political world.
Tri-City politics (BC politics) reminds me of the way a Catholic parish I attended was run. A woman whose husband was a big shot in the independent schools ran the entire church like it was her own. I can honestly say that I have owned pets that were more intelligent than this woman, yet even the Italian Priest in his 'marble mouthed' bastardization of the Queen's good english confirmed aloud "The Catholic Church is no democracy." The Priest isn't alone. There isn't any real identifiable democracy, not in Tri City, nor in the province. Have it McCristall's way and there will be less. Have it the ROBBINS way (the right way) and there will be plenty more democracy and truth. Yes, politicians will be paid what they are worth, but dirty and corrupt ones will be investigated, and if there is an appearance of guilt, ripped by ROBBINS, until they skulk off into the shadows like the vermin they are. Never mind these so-called independent Commissioners etc. These people all hang around with the politicians, eating and drinking at the same places. They are friends with one another. They will never expose corruption, because they are ultimately aware that if the public truly was made aware of how dirty and corrupt so many of our local politicians were, they would (a) have a heart attack or (b) get their guns, rifles, and automatic weapons and 'put ol yeller down'. If you believe you have freedom of speech, you do not. Try it out. We receive hundreds of whistle blow claims mostly from people "who don't want trouble". Want to know why? Half of the people earn their money with the government or have a contract or other connection to the government, and don't want their money or livlihood taken away. That's what these greaseballs do if you cross them. They don't have the balls to tell you to your face, but they will stab you in the back. When you hear Christy Clark replacing someone on CKNW change the station. This woman behaves like sweet Polly Purebread. This woman in our opinion is rotten to the core, no integrity. She represents what the Tri City became under the BC Liberal provincial government. No damn good. No freedom of speech or thought.
Same for Gordon Campbell. He's in charge and everyone else is given lines to read. BC NDP Oppostion Leader Carole James has enough fodder to rip the BC Liberals every day in and out, why doesn't she? She knows that she has a good shot at winning government, and there is no point in exhausting her bullets now. So Campbell is never confronted, and the entire system begins to spiral down as there isn't the adversarial confrontation which in any GOOD democracy is required. As one young man who has been working for less than $10 per hour over the past four years told ROBBINS "Nearly every politician or Premier in this province has taken a turn a raping BC". We couldn't agree more with this sentiment. That is why although we love our province, we ask Stephen Harper "please don't give these people any more money than you have to until they are credible, until they get off the dirty heroin of corporate donors, until they can prove that the Attorney General of the province isn't on regular speaking terms with the Chief Justice, until someone tells us the truth about the cost of the Olympics etc."
Mayor Joe Trasolini appears more interested in self service than public service.
I'm not sure if James Moore is Conservative or Liberal. Why are there so many local Liberals or friends of federal Liberals involved with this politician? Will this cost the region a Cabinet position because others in caucus won't trust James Moore anymore?
It is always amazing to me how often people in the so-called establishment (mis)use the word credibility to describe something or someone.
The recent by-election in Coquitlam where only 5% of eligible voters cast their ballot is in this writer's opinion a response to the same 'stone throwing' establishment which claims proprietorship over credibility, when in fact it appears they have none.
The local newspapers and specifically Mr. McCristall are part of this group that has lost credibility. Do citizens who read the local newspapers do so as former publisher Conrad Black once asserted they did 'for the advertisements only'? Or have they given up because they know if they want the real news of the day, they can simply go down to the local coffee shop and find out what is really going on?
It is going to take a great leap of faith by those in the community to stop being control freaks and to stop wrecking the community (and pretending they are building it), when their real agenda is the same old-same old, money, power and control.
We at ROBBINS know what we are doing, we prove it constantly over and over again, and we can help to improve the situation in this area, and throughout the province (country) if some of the more tired players would simply let go. It's really what the community wants. Not a rehash of the same old players lying, cheating and (sometimes) stealing, but most assuredly being permitted to do as they please without any accountability, particularly from newspapers such as Mr. McCristall's.
That's the truth of the matter, deal with it.

Glen P. Robbins (owner) Jim Van Rassel (sponsor) (604) 942-3757 (604)942-9300; 328-5398 -30-

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