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Mr. Harper: You have a problem in British Columbia (it's your MP's)
  Apr 12, 2007

On November 5, 2003 ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) released a poll relating to the CA merger with the Progressive Conservatives at that time. In a large sample of Canadian Alliance members the poll revealed that Stephen Harper had the support of 34% of members, while Bill Vander Zalm had support of 31%. Progressive Conservative Peter MacKay had support of 08% of Canadian Alliance members.
Three and one half years later your government is sitting on (potentially) a majority government. 14 months ago the federal Conservative Party, with provincial Conservative party’s in most of country except BC, and now the ADQ in Quebec, had an excellent opportunity to distance itself from an antiquated makeover of the former Social Credit coalition, now the BC Liberal party. The problems associated with this glaring political incongruence are now beginning to reveal significant problems in British Columbia for the federal Conservative Party, not to mention the loss of credibility to Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay through no fault of his own.
As a background, former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day garnered (47%) of support for his part in BC, earning him 27 seats in the province, over three-quarters of the total number. In the most recent general federal election the Conservative Party of Canada realized (36%) of popular vote in the province and only 17 seats, or about one half of the total number. Ranking BC Conservatives (at the time) Stockwell Day and now retired John Reynolds produced only (60%) of the seats the party enjoyed previously. If I were you, I would want to know what the hell has happened in British Columbia., and I would want the problem fixed.
If Stockwell Day and the other federal Conservatives had properly done their work for you, the party would have realized an additional 10 seats in BC in 2006, giving the Conservatives 136 (or so), not a majority but certainly closer. This would have made a tremendous difference in election strategy for your Conservatives as we look into the face of another general federal election. All you would require would be an additional 20 seats from Ontario and Quebec, something I wager you will obtain.
Instead we watch as James Moore hitches his wagon to known federal Liberal operatives in the region, to such an extent that Conservative member Jim Van Rassel now refers to him as “the Liberal mole in Ottawa.” Mr. Van Rassel’s comment may have some validity in the evidence.
On April 11, 2007 Mr. Van Rassel was invited to the coming out party for Conservative candidate Yonah Martin (New Westminster/Coquitlam./Port Moody). He invited me as a guest. Mayor Maxine Wilson of Coquitlam acknowledged me saying “I didn’t know you were a federal Conservative”, to which I replied “Maxine how can you say this, half the bums in this room aren’t federal Conservatives?
Yet amidst all of this amateurism unbelievably, the riding association was able to produce someone of Peter MacKay’s stature, who as expected, was given an ovation befitting a very capable and popular government Minister.
Mr. MacKay spoke to the audience, than Ms. Martin. Although it was pretty clear from his speech that there was no love lost between Mr. MacKay and Mr. Moore (the latter did not attend), it was somewhat ironic that Mr. Moore’s federal Liberal executive had the best seats in the House. It was also noted that press in attendance were mostly (if not all) Visible minorities. Ms. Martin, is a likeable schoolteacher of Korean descent. When she introduced herself to Mr. Van Rassel and me, we began to ask her an innocent question relating to the difficulty of winning the riding from stalwart NDP MP Dawn Black. No sooner had we begun to do so, when a James Moore executive sent Ms. Martin’s husband over to whisk his wife away from us. Later, we asked Ms. Martin’s husband to show some manners and produce his wife for us. He said he would and he didn’t.
Mr. Van Rassel and I both mused that in fact it appeared the de facto candidate was Ms. Martin’s husband who is Caucasian, and that Ms. Martin was the bait for the Visible minority vote only (which would also benefit Mr. Moore as most of the Liberal executive in his riding is dominated by Koreans-which explains why the Kingsbury-Christy Clark-Paul Martin-Stephane Dion Liberals have taken over James Moore constituency office). I stand on this assumption at this point in time.
What I cannot believe is how the Liberals who have infiltrated Mr. Moore’s’ riding have been permitted to co-opt the New Westminster Coquitlam riding as well. I believe I know the reason. This particular riding (and not James Moore’s), is in the heart of the sector where the infamous Gateway Project is expected to be built. Guess what? All the gravel dumping, excavating, and negative environmental work is scheduled to take place in Mr. Moore’s riding just down the street from Conservative member Jim Van Rassel’s ranch. Mr. Prime Minister, can you imagine the position these people have put your Foreign Minister in?
The leader of the Green Party is running against Mr. MacKay in his Nova Scotia riding. Mr. MacKay is benevolent enough to affirm a young woman who is still sufficiently ‘new’ that she permits her husband to over manage her, and who takes direction from James Moore’s executive, and who we have now determined has been uncomfortably placed in the middle of a politically divisive region where federal Liberal operatives and their sponsors may take advantage of Gateway largesse and at the same time use the region as an environmental dumping ground for polluter Gordon Campbell (ROBBINS-Kamloops Inquiry on double murder suicide in Kamloops BC/Global Television interview). Tell me how alleged Conservative James Moore and his cohorts are helping either Mr. MacKay or yourself? (Coquitlam city councillor and likely future Mayor Fin Donnely is not going to appreciate this).
It has recently been reported that Gordon Campbell has turned his Green Plan into a secret undertaking. How is this going to benefit your very important Clean Air Act as the federal election approaches?
Mr. Prime Minister, you are doing a very good job in my opinion (and in the opinion of a majority of Canadians), but you have a serious problem in BC. It is a problem which Minister’s representing you here ought to have fixed, but did not. They didn’t do so primarily because they are lazy. They wanted to continue to swap donor lists with the BC Liberals, thereby allowing the same controls over commissions etc with the same individuals, including (I am sorry to say) past Conservative campaign chair John Reynolds.
I understand that leaders need to delegate to others, but with respect, this situation should have been rectified a long long time ago and it wasn’t. At a minimum it should have been completely altered once your government was in office 14 months ago, and it wasn’t.
Sir, you may yet win more seats in British Columbia, but it likely has more to do with your own popularity than it has to do with the obvious neglect and duplicity that your BC Ministers have fostered in this province, particularly in the Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody and New Westminster/Coquitlam ridings.
The good news is that you do not have to provide any monies to Gateway until such time as this mess can be straightened out.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 -30-

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