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BC Conservative Jim Van Rassel joins with BC NDP Leader Carole James on $10 minimum wage
  Apr 13, 2007

Jim Van Rassel, BC small businessman for over two decades proclaims his "unequivocal support for BC NDP leader Carole James's recent demand for a provincial $10 minimum wage, including a small adjustment downward for small business taxes."
"Ms. James call for a $10 minimum wage is clearly supported by public opinion in the province which I have sponsored in part."
Mr. Van Rassel believes that "BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor's assertion that BC's 'low unemployment rate' is evidence that BC's current minimum wage is acceptable is preposterous."
"It is my opinion, and the opinion of many of my clients, and the public at large that Premier Campbell is not trustworthy and operates a corrupt government which benefits donors, friends and insiders. It is pretty clear he intends to maintain a slave wage in the province for as long as his friends pour money into his party account."
"I have no doubt that BC NDP leader Carole James is a socially responsible human being, who is now reflecting a fiscal awareness as well, something past BC NDP governments were not entirely successful at. As a lifelong business person I support her on this account wholeheartedly."
Van Rassel concludes "I have always been a supporter of BC Social Credit values and principles espoused by former Social Credit Premier WAC Bennett, who understood that a strong economy must include a fair and decent wage for workers." "Apparently, Gordon Campbell cares little for most if not all principles of Social Credit, is obviously a market liberal, who cares only about the bottom line for his friends and associates and the engorgement of their personal wealth, and could care less about the well being of British Columbians generally."
Jim Van Rassel (604) 942-9300 (604) 328-5398 This is a 'paid for' announcement by Jim Van Rassel.

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