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Voter satisfaction in BC and Canada
  Apr 01, 2004

A random telephone survey of 1,860 respondents throughout British Columbia, not adjusted for population. This survey took place between March 25 and April 2, 2004. It features a margin of error of 3.3%, 18 times out of 20, @97% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion, at this moment in time, are you satisfied with the political party choices which are available to you if an election is called in the next month or so?
Yes    54.52 %
No    45.48 %
Question #2
When you personally consider the political future of both British Columbia and of Canada, do you feel positive?
Yes    41.29 %
No    58.71 %
Question #3
If a federal general election is called for April, 2004, which of the following political parties are you most inclined to vote for?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party    32. %
Paul Martin and federal Liberal party    32. %
Jack Layton and NDP    22 %
None of these    10.25 %
Undecided    10. %
Question #4
Is Vancouver Point-Grey MLA, Gordon Campbell the right person for the job of Premier of British Columbia?
Yes    17.75 %
No    74 %
Don't Know    8.25 %
Approximately one-half of British Columbians are "fully satisfied" with the political party choices available to them, should a federal election be called soon. Respondents in this survey clearly see voting as a "duty", fewer see voting as a right, and only a minority see voting as a privilege.
Less than half of the British Columbians in this survey are of the opinion that the political future of BC and Canada will be positive. Conservatives move ahead, Liberals decline and federal NDP stay where they are. Another ROBBINS public opinion autopsy reveals that Premier Gordon Campbell is still politically dead from self-inflicted political wounds.

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