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BC Province newspaper permits BC Liberal members to 'cook' public opinion.
BC Liberal and James Moore member/Director Linda Reimer opts for 'sneaky' role  Apr 16, 2007

To the Province newspaper-
Your recent 'man on the street' comments of Sunday last, purporting to represent voluntary comments from random Tri-city residents, as this relates to the recent legal and political problems of Mayor Scott Young, were 'cooked'.
One quarter of the commentary's (plus pictures) were submitted by an individual with membership and close ties to the BC Liberal Party. For instance, one of the commentary's (that we know of) were submitted by Tri-city resident Linda Reimer who indicated in her email comments that Scott Young essentially brought the Tri-City into disrepute.
ROBBINS believes that although Mr. Young's actions do not inspire confidence, Mayor Joe Trasolini's purchase of property along St. John's St., in Port Moody BC, an act which brought admonishment and a directive that Mayor Trasolini could no longer participate in votes relating to northeast sector travel, may be the greater of the two acts of regional shame. To be sure, Mr. Young has admitted his problem, or admitted a problem (mea culpa), while Joe Trasolini and his council go about their business like one big happy family.
It is really quite sickening to behold.
As a past failed candidate in the recent Coquitlam by-election Linda Reimer representing BC Liberals Richard Stewart and James Moore, lost to BC NDP/union candidate Neal Nicholson in a contest that induced only 5% of the community to vote.
Ms. Reimer is a member of the BC Liberal Party, and a director of James Moore's-Conservative/BC Liberal campaign, and someone who many expect will run for the BC Liberal once gerrymandering in the region has been concluded.
To this extent Ms. Reimer knew or ought to have known that Mr. Young was an NDP supporter, and friend and campaign manager to tea-drinking and general Mr. Clean BC NDP Solicitor General critic Mike Farnsworth. Ms. Reimer is also a supporter of former federal Liberal candidate Jon Kingsbury, who along with the sister of former BC Liberal Attorney General and consensus lousy politician Geoff Plant (IQ 130 common sense 0-priceless), were unregistered lobbyists for light rail down St. John's Street, in order to benefit land owners in the region.
While it is ROBBINS opinion only, that folks like Joe Trasolini, Jon Kingsbury, and Linda Reimer would likely do the community a benefit if they all moved to Iraq, this should not obfuscate the matter at hand, which remains Ms. Reimer's shoddy and sneaky 'reptilian' behaviour concerning your (alleged) 'man on the street' section.
Here is what we know. Ms. Reimer was listed in advertisements and in reporting in the local Coquitlam Now Newspaper. This newspaper is owned by CanWest Global the same owner as your newspaper the Vancouver Province. This same owner has come under fire by various Journalist Guilds for compelling Editorial Boards to 'toe the Corporate line' in all Editorials and general content.
To be fair, Ms. Reimer had to submit her information to the Province newspaper which reveals her desire to do virtually anything to ingratiate herself to her political masters, including being sneaky. What I would like to know is how was her picture obtained? Did Ms. Reimer submit her picture over the Internet along with other information and her comments, or did someone from the Province come and take her picture, or did someone from the local newspaper obtain the comments and include Ms. Reimer's as part of the 'cooked' 'man on the street'.
Surely, a major city newspaper like the Vancouver Province ought to have known that Ms. Reimer was not a 'man on the street', but someone who schills for the BC Liberal Party, who wanted to cast BC NDP Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young is a worse light than Port Moody Joe Trasolini, and was permitted the opportunity by a newspaper which continues to claim it is non partisan.
Once again, ROBBINS ASK, ROBBINS Sce Research (1998), and ROBBINS MediaWorks President and CEO Glen P. Robbins calls on the federal Conservative government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to begin to look into the problem of media concentration both in the country, but particularly in the Province of British Columbia as it has gotten way out of control, as this recent Linda Reimer example clearly reveals.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 -30-

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