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Find out what British Columbians would pay $$ to see top Rock 'N' Roll Acts
  Apr 17, 2007

This is an Internet poll of 4,600 British Columbians living in the lower mainland of the province regarding Rock 'N' Roll ACTS. These amounts could be higher or lower in reality, and are based on specific persons who "have a deep love for rock 'n' roll music", and does not necessarily reflect the overall marketplace. Folks, these respondents in this ROBBINS poll love Rock 'N' Roll and reside in arguably the best rock 'n' roll city in the World, save for Detroit, Michigan.

This is the question posed to Internet respondents:
Which of the following Rock 'n' Roll ACTS would you be willing (a) to pay the MOST $$ MONEY TO SEE LIVE in the best seats in the house, IF as part of the package, you were ALSO able to meet the STARS in the BAND afterward? {$50 dollar increments-; < not less than $200 BID}HIGH/LOW rounded to highest $100 increment.(Rankings relate to highest average BID not necessarily most selections (adjusted at discretion of pollster).
1. Led Zeppelin- average BID $3,650 per; HIGH-$15,000; LOW-$2,200
2. Cream- average BID $1,700 per; HIGH-$5,000; LOW-$500.
3. U2- average BID $1,050 per; HIGH-$3,000; LOW-$600.
4. The Police- average BID $900 per; HIGH-$1,400; LOW-$400
5. The Rolling Stones- average BID $850 per; High-$11,000; LOW-$400
6. Bob Seger and Silver Bullett Band- average BID $700; HIGH-$1,200; LOW-$550
7. Van Halen- average BID $700; HIGH-$2,400; LOW-$300
8. Deep Purple- average BID $700; HIGH-$2,100; LOW-$500
9. Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band- average BID $650; HIGH-$1,700; LOW-$300
10. The Who- average BID $600; HIGH-$1,300; LOW-$300
11. Neil Young and Crazy Horse- average BID $550; HIGH-$900; LOW-$300
12. Pink Floyd- average BID $500; HIGH-$1,500; LOW-$300
(17) Bachman Turner Overdrive- average BID $450; HIGH-$900; LOW-$200

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