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ROBBINS on U.S. politics and that old Imus thing-
  Apr 22, 2007

A random telephone sample of 1,000 U.S. citizens "who vote" between April 9-16, 2007. This poll features an error rate of 3.13%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency/confidence.

Question #1
If the federal election of President were held today for which of these following political actors would you caste your ballot? (adjusted)
Hillary Clinton    20 %
John McCain    13 %
Barack Obama    13 %
Rudy Guiliani    12 %
Mitt Romney    12 %
John Edwards    06 %
Jeb Bush    06 %
Fred Thompson    05 %
Question #2
Recently, long time talk show host Don Imus was fired for referring to African American college basketball players as 'nappy haired Ho's'. After being criticized for the comments Imus quickly apologized and took responsiblity for his actions. At the end of the day which of the following choices BEST DEPICTS your view of this overall incident?
Don Imus is a racist and will probably remain a racist.    16 %
Don Imus made a mistake, apologized, and ought to be completely forgiven    23 %
This incident goes a great distance to revealing the hypocricy in the U.S. news and entertainment business    61 %
Hillary Clinton once again proves herself to be the most serious candidate for President in the United States right now. Her numbers are consistently exceptional and her base is strong. She has tremendous positives and favourability rankings from all races of people and from both genders. The prevailing comment from some Democratic supporters is "Hillary for President and Obama for Vice-President let's just get it all done now."
The Republican Party of candidates continues to be an interesting one with no clear front runners. The U.S. press tried in vain to 'cap' Senator John McCain because he wasn't raising as much money as they had hoped, but this old soldier has alot of American thinking an older President would work out well next time around. Reagan was no spring chicken was he?
I doubt that Don Imus is a racist. This incident more likely shows cause of the lack of empathy many white American still have for African Americans in that country. Surely, after the abuse and injustices that African Americans have endured in this country, and when you think about it, the actual lack of complaint they have made, AND the unbelievable contribution they have made to the country, would tell any reasonable human being, that African Americans continue to be horribly underestimated.
Or is there something deeper going on here? Is it possible that with the rise of Barack Obama into the political mainstream as both a viable candidate for President, and perhaps Vice-President as well, and considering the huge number of incredibly talented African Americans in all walks and vocation, particuarly athletics, art, and business that some in caucasian communities are feeling vulnerable, that perhaps after all this fussing and feuding amongst races, that African Americans made not be just equal but BETTER than many of their racial counterparts?
These comments may be seen as more compelling in the heat of this past debate more than in the overall picture as this ROBBINS poll reveals that the vast majority of U.S. respondents see more of the hypocrisy in American news and entertainment, than they do racism or a potential over reaction to it.
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