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ROBBINS on Terrorism BC Style
  Apr 21, 2007

How in the name of Mary and Joseph can British Columbians (or anyone else) take our province seriously?
Recently, it was reported (but only in some media) that Premier Gordon Campbell attended an Indo Canadian event (parade) which reflected respect and celebration of martyrs, including some who are known to belong to terrorist groups, and included both adults and children alike paying homage to a registered terrorist group.
Campbell downplayed it as no big deal. As mentioned in a previous ROBBINS communication, there was one point in the federal political arena where politicians were ripping at each other's throats over the anti-terrorism Bill
Permit me to digress to ultimately make a point.
Prime Minister Harper isn't calling an election right now not because he can't win or doesn't have the numbers or the other run of the mill reported nonsense.
He has a provincial election in Manitoba, where the current NDP government and very popular Premier Gary Doer is running neck and neck with the Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen. (He also has a similar election to watch in France, with massive implications for Canada's future role and foreign policy considerations, particularly insofar as Kyoto etc. may be concerned).
Either way the Prime Minister wins. A Conservative upset (and this can happen) will reflect (at least) a 5% increase in Conservative support nationwide after the upset ADQ second place showing in Quebec.
The Prime Minister can do business with the NDP Premier- Doer, and if the election is close and the NDP holds government, Harper still wins, because the election will show the Conservatives close to government, and the Liberals coming up the distant rear for third (unless Elizabeth May is running here for the Green-yikes), which may impact on the Liberals even less graciously.
This will present a backdrop to the federal political theatre which reflects well on Mr. Harper's Team and Mr. Layton's Team federally.
After all, the winning formula for Mr. Harper is; his Conservative Party with momentum, PLUS Jack Layton and the NDP eating away at Stephane Dion's Liberal hind quarter like T Rex eating away at a slumbering Brontosaurus (although I have the wrong dinosaurs together in this I suspect).
With the Queen expected out this way to pick up Conrad (and his belongings) and bring him back to Canada (for tea with the Prime Minister, his family, and his dresser), the stage is set for a lovely Conservative run for all of the roses.
What about BC and terrorism you say?
Fair question. I have simply described how political events can shape election timing. This I believe I have accomplished.
Where the hell is BC is the equation of fundamental politics? Nowhere. Why? Because our politics is crazy. Not crazy interesting, just crazy like the alcoholic politician's last girlfriend. Flat out born over (and over) again crazy.
As I have indicated, we have polls showing the Premier is loved in this province, with no tangible evidence to prove the case. He shows up to a terrorist event (although others from other political parties-particularly federally) were there, and no-one except the Conservatives want to speak to it. Is this awkward or CRAZY? Or has the media in this province become that arrogant?
The Premier's political party raises millions and millions of dollars from corporations, and millions more from the people who own the corporations, an investigator into the BC Rail corruption and trial (I am not sure where to put the horse and the cart on that), is the close relative of the long time Executive Director of the party (yet there is no conflict).
One of the accused in the Air India disaster is suing for compensation because 'he didn't get caught', and a spokesman for the terrorist group attending the parade (in Surrey B.C.) says this person, and those in the terrorist organization (on our federal list of terrorists) 'are great people', and apparently Premier Gordon Campbell agrees with them.
Yet Whitey here can't get any action on a bunch of non-whites including (what's new) Indo Canadian Attorney Generals to do anything about an awful abuse of justice and a loss of his business (that's me) when there is enough information for any reasonable person to determine this is true in less than two hours? I sent my information to the Prime Minister's office and it arrived by courier about the same time he was giving $100 million to the Asper's in Winnipeg (who own CanWest Global). I wonder if there will be any consideration for little old me after getting 'hersheyed' by the 'human rights' advocates out here. (At least I'll get to see what the PM is made of).
What is with the Dosanjh/Oppal Indo Canadian hold on the AG's office? How much of les jus de Jones must we all consume here before somebody figures out that one of our multi cultural dominant groups might be a lot more effort and trouble in the greater community than the benefits they bring?
Honestly, how many people at this moment in time really want an increase, (any increase) in immigration of Indo Canadians into our neighbourhoods after all of this?
That's not racist, that's not even Don Imus, it's simply a statement of facts. I can poll it, but I don't need to.
Now to the point. Everywhere else in the rest of this great land of ours, politics is practices first and foremost on the basis of recognized political science fundamentals (the primary 'lens' we use at ROBBINS). This 'view' is followed by its relevance to the news (journalism).
But only in one province, BC where the Conservatives don't even have a Party, (they simply have excuses for not having a Party), and for having their own party (like celebration of politicians and media over sucker voters taxpayers), can events transpire, which ought to produce certain political science and reporting discussions, polling etc., and not have any impact on the actual reporting and events, action/reaction etc.
It is really like watching a curling match where armchairs rather than stones are thrown, and hockey sticks and not brooms are used.
How can reporters, journalists, news producers etc. wake up in the morning, and with good conscience go into work do their job and collect their (often) meagre pay?
It is distressing (more than it is amazing) simply because of the level of non recognition, coupled with the devastating ether of denial, corruption, and near Hitlarian standard of ignorance to the stark reality of conflicting political facts right in front of us, underscored by the complete incongruence relative to other more conventional actions and efforts undertaken everywhere else in this country, that produces a political climate that is not blood sport, or animated, or complex etc. It is just crazy. No better, and maybe worse, but at a minimum it's crazy.
BC's politics leaves a gigantic hole in the overall credibility of politics in the country.
As Quebec becomes less of a problem and some in BC continue to point fingers in that direction, it must be disconcerting to the honest person how many fingers are now pointing back in our direction.
Would Ross Perot like to come here to run for provincial Reform? Would Pamela Anderson be a worthwhile candidate? Would Premier Campbell get used to the nickname "The Pollutinator"?
Can the Olympic committee and the outside money people with corporate consultants and friends and associates continue to takeover the proceeds from all general revenues in the province, 'earmarked' federal monies etc. for their own general benefit?
Oh guess what? Olympic cowboy John Furlong is going to unveil a business plan. Let's get a photo op of that around the Olympic clock and place it in a Collage with pictures of promises not to sell BC Rail, pictures of the sale of BC Rail, negotiations relating to the failed sale of the Coquihalla Highway, the transition from competent BC Tel to some service non service thing from outer space, to the sale of our Hydro, overlapped by a myriad of pictures of subseqent derailments, and subsequent environmental damage, and no never any accountability. None. No financials. No let's save that for another terrorist parade. That's a good PR idea from the Premier's office for the Olympics. Ya gotta like that. All Olympic athletes walking arm and arm down W. Georgia with their friends from the Indo Canadian community (only terrorist ones), all the way to Stanley Park where they will eat weenies and drink Jimmy Jones Cola's right at the spot where guys in a pick up truck with tattoos and racial epitaphs on their T-shirts were known to hunt down and execute a gay man, but we best ignore this and call them peeping Tom's instead because we got that whole same sex thing going on, and at the end of it, John Furlong will announce that yes we are so goddman overbudget on the Olympics no-one can go to the doctors office for six months, and 25% of school age children will have to wait for one more year to start kindergarten at age ten, and the minimum wage for single moms at the local Canadian hardware store will have to be reduced to $3.00 per hour (with benefits after 20 years of service), but the Olympics will be great, "you have to believe me" will say a completely drunken John Furlong, who thereafter will resign (like everybody else) and get out of town as fast as he can.
I would like to say its disgraceful, but I cannot because that would attach too much emotion, too much caring, and although I care and care alot about BC, there is little that one, two or even twenty two people can do, when the political climate, and the people who mooch around it, who want to profit from it, all inclusively add to the deepening chasm of chaos called crazy BC politics. Really, it isn't funny, its pathetic.
It makes one wonder if the real terrorists in this province aren't some of the people who purport to be leading us?
Glen P. Robbins

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