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A little ROBBINS truth serum-
  Apr 26, 2007

A random sample of 520 respondents throughout British Columbia, including the North, Interior, Kootenays, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, Vancouver City, Vancouver Island including Victoria, Saanich, Nanaimo and Campbell River. Methodology-It features a margin of error of 5.5%, 18 times out of 20 @95% competency/confidence. Respondents choices were averaged using 2 methods of averaging, which were than averaged. This method when combined with adjustments for population produces a fair depiction of the opinion of the respondents, and in this context the strategic calling environment, the Province of British Columbia. Tone of the writing in commentary reflects the tone of the responses to the best of our ability. This poll was conducted between April 23-25, 2007 and was paid for by Glen P. Robbins and Associates, ROBBINS Media Works, ROBBINS ASK, and Jim Van Rassel, proprietor New Trend Optical in Port Coquitlam , British Columbia (604) 942-9300 or (604)328-5398

Question #1
Which of the following choices BEST reflects who you believe is most responsible for problems in the R.C.M.P.?
The Conservative government    22 %
The former Liberal government    18 %
The R.C.M.P.    60 %
Question #2
How important is implementation of the Kyoto Accord in your opinion?
Very Important    17 %
Important    24 %
Unimportant    27 %
Very Unimportant    32 %
Question #3
Which of the following choices in your opinion BEST describes why we have such an acute Passport problem in Canada?
Many Canadians did not properly plan obtaining their Passport for travel abroad    19 %
The Conservative government did not properly plan and prepare for the demand for Passports    41 %
Passport Canada's problems originated with the former Liberal government    27 %
The federal government isn't very efficient no matter how well you plan or fund    13 %
Question #4
The matter of Canadian Passport requirements relates in part to the United States government and Homeland Security requiring this level of identification from people travelling from Canada into the United States. One week ago BC Premier Gordon Campbell attended a parade in Surrey sponsored in part by a registered terrorist group. When questioned about it by CBC public broadcasting, the Premier appeared relatively unconcerned. In your opinion has Premier Campbell's attendance affirmed the legitimacy of this terrorist organization?
Yes    41 %
No    59 %
Question #5
The matter of Canadian Passport requirements relates in part to the United States government and Homeland Security requiring this level of identification from people travelling from Canada into the United States. One week ago BC Premier Gordon Campbell attended a parade in Surrey sponsored in part by a registered terrorist group. When questioned about it by CBC public broadcasting, the Premier appeared relatively unconcerned. In your opinion are Gordon Campbell's actions a serious breach of Canadian National Security?
Yes    26 %
No    74 %
Question #6
The matter of Canadian Passport requirements relates in part to the United States government and Homeland Security requiring this level of identification from people travelling from Canada into the United States. One week ago BC Premier Gordon Campbell attended a parade in Surrey sponsored in part by a registered terrorist group. When questioned about it by CBC public broadcasting, the Premier appeared relatively unconcerned. In your 'estimation' would U.S. Homeland Security likely find the Premier's actons a potential for future breach of its National Security?
Yes    50 %
No    22 %
Don't Know/Undecided    28 %
Question #7
Ken Dobell is Premier Gordon Campbell's right hand man and longtime advisor going back to his days as Mayor of Vancouver. It has been reported that Mr. Dobell is also being paid by the city of Vancouver, and has met in the Premier's office in Vancouver to lobby the provincial government. Mr. Dobell is also being paid by various other groups including on behalf of the Vancouver Olympics. Mr. Dobell neglected to register as a lobbyist which British Columbia law dictates. Both the Premier and Mr. Dobell were aware that he was breaking the law. Which of the following statements BEST describes the most appropriate consequence for either Mr. Dobell, Gordon Campbell or both of them.
Both the Premier and Ken Dobell should resign    06 %
Ken Dobell should resign    23 %
Ken Dobell and Gordon Campbell should be charged under the law    28 %
Ken Dobell should be charged under the law    37 %
None of the Above    00 %
All of the Above    06 %
Question #8
There has been controversey about the treatment of Taliban prisoners by the Afghan government, which receives prisoners from the Canadian military and other government's military. How important is the treatment of Taliban prisoners to you as a Human Rights exercise?
Very Important    05 %
Important    19 %
Unimportant    36 %
Very Unimportant    40 %
Question #9
Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently provided $100 million dollars toward the capital cost of a Human Rights museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This project was initiated by the patriarch of the Asper family Izzy Asper, owner of CanWest Global. In your opinion from the choices offered, where would you if you were Prime Minister, have directed this $100 million?
On the CanWest Global/Canadian Human Rights museum    09 %
Passport Canada to hire more staff    25 %
On other more important files such as health or the environment    42 %
The Conservative government should not have spent the money on anything    24 %
Question #10
Do you support the work of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to date?
Yes    46 %
No    54 %
Question #11
Which of the following federal political parties are you supporting at this time?
Stephen Harper and the Conservatives    36 %
Jack Layton and New Democrats    32 %
Stephane Dion and the Liberals    22 %
Elizabeth May and the Greens    10 %
Question #12
Which of these following BC political personalities would (if you had your choice) be the Premier of the province?
Carole Taylor    28 %
Carole James    32 %
Gordon Campbell    19 %
Colin Hansen    11 %
Rich Coleman    06 %
Mike Farnworth    04 %
Undecided/Don't Know/Other    27 %
The majority of British Columbians in this ROBBINS poll blame the R.C.M.P. for their difficulties, while the remainder blame both of the two main parties in the country, namely, the Conservatives and the Liberals.
The majority of British Columbians do not consider implementation of the Kyoto Accord to be important. They are correct in thinking this way. If Canada gets snookered into a deal with Europe we will be paying through the nose because the Europeans (not the eastern ones 'hereinafter the cow people'), are so far ahead of us. The federal Liberals are to blame because the last decade of our own foolishness has cost us nothing but time. I don't honestly know how Stephane Dion can stand up with a straight face and speak to the issue, and worse yet how either the NDP, Green, or Bloc can support it. Don't any of these people have researchers? Germany is way ahead of us. They have programs for homeowners well in place wherein citizens can invest 15-25K to build sonar energy panels in their home, and in return, the German government will give them fixed prices on their energy for 20 years or so. Daytime energy is collected and if not used, can be used by the citizen when they arrive home after work, with any excess used by others, and credited to that citizen. We can do this in Canada but our programs are not well organized. In BC where we should be energy efficient, we will now have to import our energy. The prairies is far more efficient with energy than their cold counterparts in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces who use so much energy in the home its ridiculous. If we are this far behind from being efficient, think how far behind we are from being self sufficient as the Germans and other European countries are. The Liberals and the other Opposition parties should be tried for treason for trying to sell Kyoto. We'll be murdered. Think about the million and millions of dollars you spend on government, and now look at sadly impractical it is. It frightens me to the core. Do you think 'I want to be Hollywood' Gordon Campbell would even think of this? He doesn't have a clue. Do you think his chain smoking buddy Ken Dobell will? It doesn't even enter either of their minds. BC should be on the leading edge of this stuff. Dump Campbell, and let the BC Liberals re-invent themselves with a leadership contest where the environment as a discussion point will stand at least a prayer. I am certain the BC NDP can handle the debate as well. Now look at some of our 'practical solutions'. Incandescent lights a thing of the past because they are a problem for global warming, what about the solution, flourescent lights? These are filled with mercury, a substance that DOESN'T BREAKDOWN. This is the same Mercury that Stephane Dion says the Chinese are using against us in our waters, everywhere. With this kind of absence of knowledge, I don't care what you name your dog, imagine an International regime with these PHd bureacrats flying around on your dime, spending your money on fancy hotels and dinners, submitting reports that change nothing, mean nothing, and keep the elites in big bucks and the country in the gutter. If you want some practical solutions to fixing the environment ask ROBBINS and Van Rassel and we'll fix it for you, but for a price of course, probably one of those PHd's or other bureaucrats 'floating' around Ottawa.
The largest minority of respondents blame the Conservative Party for problems relating to Passport acquisition for Canadians who want to travel abroad and in particular to the United States of America. Once again a noticeable number are ready to blame the former Liberal government even though they have been out of office for 15 months.
On this trilogy of Gordon Campbell terrorist questions, a high minority of respondents condemn the Premier's actions, but only one quarter of total respondents are of the opinion that it is a breach of National Security. More than one half of respondents are of the opinion that in their "estimation" the United States would look badly on the Premier's actions. How about Stephane Dion saying he wants to bring the Taliban to Canada? Yes he later retracted. Do any of these people know anything other than debating rules? Is there one (yes one) Liberal in Ottawa with any common sense? I'm as serious as a heart attack. In this country you get a title and the cow people buy into anything you say. It's really unbelievable. It's really very disturbing. With this kind of brain power behind us, the Americans can come up and take our oil, or in the alternative we'll likely just give it to them. (See Gordon Campbell about this).
British Columbians are ready to bring the scaffold out for Ken Dobell, Premier Campbell's right hand man and political 'fixer'. More than one third of respondents are prepared to affix a second scaffold for the Premier. In our opinion how can leaders and their paid advisors be so 'loose' with the law? This is a SURE sign of arrogance, and an ABSOLUTE sign that the province is in danger. Get the press, the courts (if you trust them), get somebody (Sirhan B. Sirhan if you have to) to fix this problem, but fix it. The province cannot afford this 'booze bag' and his minstrels of deceit and disaster any longer. (Permission to treat this government as hostile-to its citizens).
British Columbians in a conspicuous majority do not care about Taliban prisoners. The Toronto media may, but British Columbians in this strategic calling environment could really care less. (We were tempted to ask what was more important, a Vancouver Canucks win, or Taliban prisoners). Can you believe the media back east spends all of this time on this subject? Send these bums from TO to the Bay of Pigs prison, because they are wasting our time catering to the immigrant vote, who the Liberals brought in to help them in re-election. It wont' matter if you keep pissing off the caucasians, because nice people only stay nice for so long. Watch out!
The $100 million dollars that Stephen Harper's Conservative government provided to the Manitoba government for a significant Human Rights development does not resonate with many British Columbians. Only one out of ten support taxpayer's money being used to subsidize the capital cost of the museum, with additional monies pledged over and above this. Folks, the Holocaust was evil, pure awful. But Stalin killed 20 or 30 million of his own people, the Japanese murdered nearly as many Chinese and raped their woman, and so many other countries have plenty of blood on their hands. When they are able to face up to their own collective denials and deal with it, maybe we can do business, but for now Canada should quit kissing every foreigners or immigrants backside and get this country straightened out. People you come here to live, live by our rules. If you come from one of those 'loser' countries in the middle east or Asia thank your lucky stars we took you in, be grateful not a snivelling whiner. Multiculturalism doesn't work, hasn't worked, won't ever work. Citizens in a country like Canada must ALL be dutiful to one understanding, the country and its flag. Otherwise hit the road we don't need you. We don't have a human rights problem here, you folks bring your human rights nonsense to our country. I know my friends in the U.S. think were crazy with this hifalutin love the immigrant nonsense, and that is what it is, absolute nonsense. Folks, we love you, we'll help you, but getting the entire country running down the Human Rights highway for the aggrandizement and acknowledgement of one or two persons, is beyond any reason. Don't get angry with me, just do as I say, and we'll have this place fixed up in a jiffy. Don't listen to anything that Toronto has to say. The politics that emanates from that city is utter horse manure.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has pretty attractive numbers in support of his work. Nearly 22% fewer respondents support his party however. The Conservative Party (as mentioned in other ROBBINS polls) screwed up badly in BC. They should have had their own party and were too stupid (yes stupid) to get this done. Whose the BC Boss(s) for the party? Get rid of them. Get rid of the hangers on, the half breed Liberal-Conservatives out of the executive and clean up your party, and you won't have a ten point difference between you leader and party. A high school political team would have been better prepared. Sorry, we're just being honest. A little intransigence for principle I understand, but to hold onto stupid organizational arrangements that satisfy a few people who want to walk into Denny's with their title and their gossip is not going to improve the parties position in the short, mid or long run.
Of the six political actors offered to this calling group of respondents, two of them are BC NDP MLA's, while the other four are BC Liberals, all Cabinet Ministers. A random selection would have yielded 16.66% for each, so only BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor, Premier Gordon Campbell, and BC NDP Opposition Leader Carole James exceeded this total. After factoring "Undecided" et al, the Premier does not attain this random threshold.
The legal community can rest easy for the time being as it appears the R.C.M.P. may not have anyone sitting on committee(s) which oversee the selection of Supreme Court Judges in this country. Will Prime Minister Stephen Harper be able to work with these committees without the presence of the police to advise?
Kyoto is simply not a big enough deal to sell to British Columbians who have opted out of this Accord in fairly significant numbers over the past few months. The pitfalls FAR outweigh the advantages. No-one who cares about Canadian interests would back this deal. The problem? Find another solution that will work. We only get one environment.
The Conservative Party should be getting roasted for the Passport debacle, and they are, but oddly not to the extent that one might have expected. Why are respondents still blaming the Liberals for things that they have had no control over for well over a year?
Premier Gordon Campbell may not think much of his attendance on the Surrey parade of terrorists, but many British Columbians see this as a major boo-boo, and most estimate the U.S. government would not be too impressed. (Guess what, they're not).
British Columbians are of the majority opinion that Premier Gordon Campbell's right hand man Ken Dobell should be buttered up, because he's toast. The Premier has a major problem because Dobell's actions are linked to him, and in politics (and often law), the actions of your agent will affect or impact on you. With this, BC Railgate, and the recent CP rail accident, this government under Campbell is in trouble...big trouble. Campbell will go into denial along with his posse of advisors, and will get picked to pieces.
If the BC Liberals want to salvage their reputation they will have to find an exit strategy for Campbell et al. This ROBBINS poll indicates that all in, Carole Taylor is the right person to take over, or in the alternative Colin Hansen, should they want to continue having leadership coming from Vancouver (Olympics).
Will former BC Solicitor General Rich Coleman bring his support over to Gordon Campbell, or will he help put Campbell to sleep and make most everyone else a little happier when they go to bed at night?
Every once in a while the lefties in the House of Commons and in the Toronto media get together to share a big Bong of some BC Bud. It's a little ironic that the Human Rights museum gets $100 million, than the media actually wastes time on the Taliban. Why do these people try to portray Canadians as something we aren't. The Canadians in this BC poll by a significant majority could care less about the Taliban. Why would the media spend so much time on Conservative Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor when that time could be spend pulling Mr. O'Connor's army boot out of NDP Audrey McLaughlin and Irwin Cotler's arse, after the beating they both received at committee? The interview afterward suggested he should resign? Why are you people copying political scripts from the United States? There was nothing probing (or even interesting in that Committee briefing involving the Minister of Defence). Readers, I could have walked in there with no sleep or preparation and kicked hell out of everyone, and yet O'Connor is close to resigning? If he screws up grill him, but this theatre was really pitiful. Few British Columbians care about the human rights of the Taliban, so please don't portray it as if we are a bunch of Liberal softies, the politics and the polling are nonsense. The PM should ignore this charade and the polling that follows as artifact. Don't forget, Chretien won because he didn't have any competition, not because he was a great Prime Minister. Chretien was a competent Prime Minister from time to time, and a bit of wingnut from arrogance other times. Right now, the Liberals are in trouble. I can only imagine what operational reality will be put in place to rescue Mr. Dion from the kind of political mistakes that would be unforgiven for any other party. The establishment at this moment (including the media-although not all of it), is being dishonest plain and simple.
I am unsure why the Prime Minister invested $100 million for a Human Rights museum which seems like more of a shrine to one person's ambition and noble vision, but unfortunately that's all this is, a museum. Canadian politico's should stop deluding themselves about our phoney presentation abroad. Why are we always trying to impress everyone, when are good deeds are what actually get us the mileage with others outside the country? At ROBBINS we know what you are thinking. You've got the means of production, and you want to keep it, so Mr. Harper doesn't get his majority unless he satisfy's the special interests and guarantees more of the taxpayer's dollars fall nicely into your big money bag. Nothing get's any better, only another group of greedy folks takes over the treasure trove, and that isn't what Canada needs right now. We need a good dose of Rogerian therapy to set ourselves right. If we face this, than maybe we can establish the kinds of standards of achievement that Canada ought to attain, not this run of the mill pretender stuff.
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