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Van Rassel on Burke Mountain's clear cut
  Mar 25, 2009

Hello to you all, (Tri-City, British Columbia)
I have a question that I want an honest answer to. When was the last time you have driven and looked around Burke Mountain and Minnekhada Park?
I drove through there yesterday, Tuesday April 24th, and what I saw was disgraceful. I have been following the Westbild proposal for some time now and I have looked at the original proposal from Westbild to the city of Coquitlam, and what is actually happening today in no way shape or form reflects Westbild's original agreement with the city of Coquitlam. First of all, it looks like a clear cut. If this obvious environmental abuse is acceptable I can only imagine what other breaches of the contract are also taking place.
The proposal does not reflect the reality of the situation. I believe a deal is a deal, and if the clear cut is any indication the deal has been broken early on. Westbild has broken its word as to the forward thinking low impact and responsible development they promised. The people at Westbild said to us, ( the residence and council) 'we have learned from the Westwood Plateau development and this type of development is outdated and will not be repeated.' It wouldn't be the first time that a developer made a promise, got its foot in the door and began to move the goal posts to cut costs. Usually history takes awhile to repeat itself but here in the City of Coquitlam it took less than 15 years. My instincts tell me that the Burke Mountain development will likely end up like Westwood Plateau, dozens, if not hundreds of homes being flooded by shifting ground water and mud slides. The salmon and other endangered fish have no chance if this situation is left to continue.
Jim Van Rassel Coquitlam 604-328-5398
Jim Van Rassel is a member of the federal Conservative Party of Canada. Mr. Van Rassel is a small businessman, and an expert on eco-friendly development. He and his associates are contributing sponsors to ROBBINS Sce Research. Mr. Van Rassel is also a primary researcher for ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998). Mr. Van Rassel will continue to independently investigate The Burke Mountain development file. FYI-Wesbild, the development company named in the Van Rassel letter herein, was also the main developer of Westwood Plateau, a neighbourhood of expensive homes in the Tri-City region. Glen P. Robbins, whose family residence is located in the 'original' Westwood region has filed complaint with the city of Coquitlam, and threatened legal action against the city, as this relates to flooding of his basement and the homes of dozens of others in the region, which Mr. Robbins asserts was caused by improper development techniques, including the development of the Wesbild-Westwood Plateau region. Coquitlam city councillor Lou Sekora, (former Liberal MP under Jean Chretien) the former Mayor of Coquitlam (who brought in Wesbild for the Westwood development), told Robbins in a phone conversation and at a private meeting, that the flooding 'would be worse than the leaky condo crisis' in the Tri-City (Coquitlam) and beyond. City councillor (Coquitlam) Richard (I'm at your service)Stewart (also a BC Liberal) has a past relationship with the leaky condo fiasco in the Tri-City (Coquitlam), and a past paid relationship with condominium developers. CURRENTLY, both Lou Sekora and Richard Stewart are FOR the removal of proper environmental development techniques (low impact), and for the Burke Mountain 'clear cut'. To date both Mayor Maxine Wilson and city councillors (Famous) Fin Donnelly, and Neil Nicholson are against the Burke Mountain 'clear-cut', and against the removal of low impact environmental development techniques. ROBBINS will keep readers abreast of the positions of other city councillors including: Barry Lynch, Mae Reid, Brent Asmundson, and Doug McDonnell. Politicians in the region: 'Gentleman' James Moore: MP Conservative Party of Canada (Port Moody, Westwood, Port Coquitlam); affiliated with BC Liberal Party Demure Dawn Black: MP New Democratic Party of Canada (New West, Coquitlam, Port Moody); affiliated with BC New Democrats Dianne Thorn- BC NDP Mike Farnworth- BC NDP Iain Black-BC Liberal

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