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Vancouver Canucks have True Grit
  Apr 28, 2007

Watching the Vancouver Canucks in their second playoff game against the Anaheim Might Ducks, in Anaheim, brought tingles to my spine.
I have watched hockey since I was a boy playing in Saanich British Columbia. I have had the experience of watching Montreal Canadiennes vs. Boston Bruins and that was something.
I cannot say that I have been a huge fan, although like most Vancouverites (and beyond), I was crazy in '94, and do get on the bandwagon from time to time.
This feeling is different though. This feeling about the Canucks is that I am with them, every 'step' of the way. The effort and grit that this team puts out is simply incredible. It isn't that you like the team, you love them.
Yes, I am writing this the day after their overtime win, but to be fair, this feeling has been growing. It's making me a believer, that professional athletes on a team, can collectively work beyond the needs of any one individual to achieve, no OVER achieve nearly every minute of every game.
That overtime performance (yet another) was simply amazing. Everywhere I go, (I mean everywhere), people are talking Canucks, and everybody says the same thing "This Canuck Team has Grit".
If there is an attribute that is universally attractive to people it is True Grit. It means that people believe that every time the Canucks play, they give it all they have, for every minute of every game. It means that no matter what happens, the fans respect what the Team is doing. No premadonna's, no clowns. All studs.
My eleven year old daughter believes that Trevor Linden is outstanding, but because everyone works so hard, the best player is debated, and we end up at the same place. This is a Team.
Luongo gets huge praise he should. But people don't even talk about him like a hockey player anymore. They speak of Luongo like he is a God, with reverance. Quiet respect, because his deeds in the net are 'super natural', super human.
Players I haven't heard of, young players, players who are playing because others are injured, and playing like they have been in the league for years, with courage and most of all discipline.
This is a hockey team that has people's jaws hanging. They are never quite sure when this overachievement, this remarkable effort may falter, and yet it hasn't, it continues, the desire seems tireless, the courage and passion endless. How can a group of good players continue to play great?
This is a fascinating hockey team, we are all having a great time, and every one of us here in Greater Vancouver and British Columbia are 120% behind the Team. They are the BEST because they have True Grit.

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