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A raise for WHAT?
  May 05, 2007

Conservative for BC Jim Van Rassel believes the recent Independent report recommending wage increases for MLA's and the Premier of 30-50% to be "larcenous". "The increase for the Premier alone, is equivalent to the average household income for a family of four living in British Columbia".
"Frankly I haven't seen anyone in the government, in particular the Premier, to be doing work of any value other than wandering around aimlessly pretending to appear to be working and getting his picture on the TV and in newspapers. In any other job Campbell would have been laid off by now, he is nothing short of a lame duck."
Van Rassel argues that "Carole James has taken the principled position over this issue and if she can hold the rest of her caucus (save for selfish Harry Lali) to do the same, she will have beaten Campbell at his own game."
Van Rassel asserts, "Only in British Columbia is the Premier considered to be a good leader by the mainstream press because he decides to vote himself and his 'flunkies' a huge raise, what a pathetic joke this government has become. They should ALL be ashamed."
Van Rassel also believes that reports such as this (Independent/Insider) should feature a disclosure date so they cannot be used for partisan advantage in terms of the timing of it's release. "Here we have news coming out of the BC Rail trial which shows what most of us already know, which is, how dirty and rotten the BC Liberal government really is, and voila another convenient distraction. This government is so anemic and pitiful it needed to get businessman Jimi Pattison to start paying for Beautiful BC ads because the government got caught using taxpayer's money to promote itself."
"It's always the hardworking taxpayer taking the hit for the silly games of BC politics."
Jim Van Rassel Coquitlam 604-328-5398 -30-

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