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ROBBINS provides different slant on Trasolini/China trip
Folks, this is now 2007-when will civilization begin?  May 07, 2007

May 5, 2005
Tri-City News Re: May 5, 2007 edition
Opinion page A10 “Talking Trips”
I could not agree more with the editorial in the Tri-City News regarding politicians like Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini taking trips abroad in his role as Mayor without notifying the public. Although, after hearing his council’s rationale for his behaviour, I am certainly not concerned with their opinion, nor would I pay heed to their consent.
This is the second circumstance where Mayor Joe has found himself having to provide explanations of his dubious actions, always after the fact. The first was the questionable impropriety relating to the purchase of commercial property on St. John’s St., in relation to the light rapid transit debacle, and the second relates to this recent junket to China.
I wouldn’t let my children get away with this conduct once, why should we let Mayor Joe have the special privilege of playing Go,Go, Stop repeatedly? Mr. Trasolini seems to operate on the basis of possession is 9/10’s of the law. In short he’ll do whatever pleases him and provide his myriad explanations after the fact.
I would have thought the Mayor of Port Moody would be more concerned about ethnic stereotyping.
Glen P. Robbins
Addendum: May 7, 2007
In the Tri-City News, Sunday edition (May 6, 2007), Mayor Joe of PoMo indicates that he will vote against any development in Port Moody unless he gets light rapid transit.
The reason no rapid transit is coming is because Translink cannot pursue the St. John's Street version (hereinafter the 'sneaky snake' Hill version), after a ROBBINS exclusive in August 2006 exposed Trasolini's involving in the purchase of property on St. John's for whic he has been admonished by Translink.
Now, after Joe and Joe alone causes the problem in the first instance, he believes the correct response is to tell developers that he won't pursue any development and will vote "No" against development in Port Moody unless others in the area, including the Chamber of Commerce and other developers come to his rescue. Why is the Chamber now responsible to Joe. (Watching politicians drown is never very pretty).
What kind of childish behaviour is this?
Folks, if this were taking place anywhere else (like in State politics), this guy would have been toast in a heartbeat. Only in BC politics can you get away with this type of cheap, hamfisted nonsense. Why? Because every group and organization involved is complicit in one type of corruption or another, and won't say anything because they don't want to lose money, or be embarrassed at one boozy fund raiser or another these same minstrels attend for the mutual aggrandizement and sharing of back slaps that goes on at these events. (Oh yea, we work hard, we need a raise-WE NEED TO RAISE OUR GLASSES IN SALUTE TO EASY STREET--yea). In fact, let's change the name of St. John's Street, to Easy Street to honour the work by elected officials. Someone to second the motion? Seconded! All those in favour of Easy Street? It's unanimous, St. John's Street in PoMo will hereinafter be named Easy Street.
Both potential Mayoral candidates (after Joe goes) Meghan Lahti, and Gerry Nuttal have an obligation to speak out, lest we watch the entire city council be reduced to some group think operative with no more clout or sense of duty than a wine drinking contest at a school PAC meeting.

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