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ROBBINS questions results of Independent Report on Wages
  May 07, 2007

A random telephone sample of 150 lower mainland respondents between May 4-6th, 2007, with 119 respondents 'qualifying' for Question #2 and beyond. This survey was paid for by Glen P Robbins and Associates and Jim Van Rassel, proprietor of New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300. No margin of error is provided.

Question #1
Are you familiar with the amount of wages paid to British Columbia MLA's?
Yes    31 %
No    69 %
Question #2
To those who answered "No" in Question #1: A BC provincial 'backbencher' is someone who is a rank and file elected official in the Province of British Columbia. They are not the Premier, or Cabinet Minister, or Opposition Leader. Do you agree or disagree with a 30% pay raise for 'working' MLA's?
Agree    27 %
Disagree    73 %
Question #3
Rounded to the nearest $1,000.00 what do you believe working MLA's are currently being paid on an annual basis?
'105' respondents answered-average $77,000     %
Less than one third of respondents indicated they were familiar with wages being paid to British Columbia MLA's.
Slightly more than one quarter agree with a 30% raise for MLA's. This number in this 'sample survey' reflects a lower acceptance of higher wages, than those numbers reflected in a previous Ipsos poll.
Respondents in this sample survey easily selected on average approximately what working MLA's received for pay. Only one respondent selected an amount over $100,000 annually, while the lowest speculation was $38,000.
Roughly speaking, less than 1% of the population earns over $100,000 per year.
The recent Independent Report prepared by a number of individuals, who would generally be characterized as 'part of the system', or alternatively 'in the system', i.e., an ICBC Director and lawyer, and an ex Judge, we believe is flawed and should be ignored, insofar as being a valid document from which to assess, or vote on substantial wage hikes for politicians.
After listening to audio vault on CKNW's Bill Good Show and specifically "Cutting Edge of the Ledge" with guests Vaughn Palmer (Vancouver Sun), and Keith Baldrey (CanWest Global News), and after listening to the authors of the so-called Independent Report on Wage increases for elected official in the province, we heard testimony that an underlying survey conducted for the Independent Panel determined that 90% of the public surveyed believed that MLA's earn $200,000 per year.
We were certain that these numbers were not valid and thus tested them., and our part survey clearly revealed that this assertion cannot come even close to being valid.
Further, based on our smaller sample survey (we need not call more because this is enough evidence to call into question the validity of the Report's assertion in our opinion), it is clearly obvious that British Columbians have a reasonable perception of current wages for MLA's in the province.
The members of the Independent Panel went to some lengths to explain that the reason British Columbians do not want to provide a 30% wage increase is based on the apparent (mis)perception that somehow the MLA's are being paid $200,000 per year.
It's our position that no right thinking journalist or columnist or commentator would accept that 90% of the public believe that MLA's are being paid $200,000 per year.
This contradicts any reasonableness in logic. What the panel's survey is suggesting is that 90 out of 100 British Columbians are at the 'baseline' belief that MLA's are currently being paid in the 1/10th of 1% of the highest income in the nation, and in the province.
Any sensible person would immediately know this is false, and if that were the case, any reasonable person would know that the public uproar over a 30% increase would be grounds for a riot.
This ROBBINS small sample survey reveals that information provided by so-called Independent groups or panels comprised of 'insiders' (those who earn money somewhere, sometime, somehow from government or crown corporations etc.) cannot ever be received as Independent, unless or until they have been validated and ratified by the true Independence of ROBBINS Sce Research et al.
As President and CEO of ROBBINS I believe without any doubt that the underlying information particularly a survey which suggests that 90% of the population of the province believes MLA's are currently being paid $200,000 should be tossed out (set aside) until such time as these numbers can be reviewed by ROBBINS on behalf of the people of British Columbia.
On this basis, the entire Independent Report should be set aside as an artifact until such time as the information can be verified and confirmed by ROBBINS.
Although we are not hesitant to use the "F" word from time to time, out of an abundance of caution to the reputations of the panel members, we will delay in using it at this time, until such time as this information provided in the report and disseminated in the public domain can be amended.
The news media, but in particular CKNW should have an opportunity to discuss this element of the underlying information in the Independent Report on Wages, as ROBBINS is concerned that this apparently erroneous information might be entered into Hansard (the official Legislative Record) in the course of debating the information relating to these wages, and in so doing potentially bring the Legislature into disrepute.

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