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Metro Vancouver/BC ROBBINS poll-BC Government hitting 'bottom'
  May 10, 2007

A random sample of 620 British Columbians throughout the province between May 4th and 9th, 2007. This poll of 'voters' features a margin of error of 3.55%, 19 times out of 20 @97% competency/confidence (owing in part to questions calling for a perception or intrinsic reponse). This poll was paid for by ROBBINS Sce Research (1998), ROBBINS MediaWorks, Glen P. Robbins and Associates, and Jim Van Rassel, proprietor of New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300.
Glen P. Robbins is the sole 100% owner of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998), ROBBINS ASK, and ROBBINS MediaWorks. Jim Van Rassel is 100% owner of New Trend Optical.
This is ROBBINS Sce Research's 10th Year of the finest polling and public opinion.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757

Question #1
For which leader and party did you vote in the last provincial general election?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    47 %
Carole James and BC NDP    42 %
Question #2
Currently, which leader and party do you support?
Carole James and BC NDP    37 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    39 %
Other    11 %
Undecided    13 %
Question #3
Which of the following news events do you anticipate will ultimately create the greatest negative political fallout?
The firing of three (3) BC Ferry Union employees over the sinking of the Queen of the North    30.5 %
The testimony arising from the BC Rail criminal case involving BC Governent employees    52.5 %
Question #4
This question relates to your perception and or opinion depending on your experiences. Is it your opinion or alternatively, is it your perception that British Columbians receive good value for their provincial tax dollars?
Yes    45 %
No    55 %
BC Liberals are down 17% from their 2005 provincial totals, while the BC NDP is down 12%.
A majority of BC 'voters' are of the opinion that the BC Rail criminal case will create more negative political fallout than the firing of 3 BC Ferry employees.
More than one half of BC voters are of the opinion or perceive that BC government does not provide value for money.
Things are not going well in Victoria, and if current expectations are met and the BC NDP fracture over pay raises and pensions based on a phoney report from 'Independents', than this negative image in the minds of voters will be even more pronounced.
The BC Liberal government continues to stonewally reporters and others who are trying to get to the bottom of a story which may have very negative implications for the BC Liberal government, which according to this ROBBINS survey continues to sink like a stone. The political term Liberal in this country appears more to be related to the amount of snot dripping from one's nose than any type of ideological or historical tie.
Most political parties would have taken advantage of an obviously weakened BC Liberal government, despite the extra help they receive from friendly media, but the BC NDP certainly isn't one of them. Despite an obvious drop in BC Liberal support from 2005, the BC NDP has also fallen on harder times as the BC voters continues to shake his/her head in disgust many referring to the whole of the government as "pathetic", "boring" or characterizing government credibility with the pat "what do we expect, progress?" Campbell at 51%, don't believe it for a minute. This stuff has no more credibility than the Independent Panel that 'swizzed' this so-called Report. Who needs Goodfella's when you've got BC politics eh?
The BC Rail court case, the sinking of the Queen of the North and subsequent firings (and Appeal) of three employees are doing little to interest BC voters. With the disgraceful turn of events over the Independent Panel's wage and pension 'concoction' voter interest in BC politics will not change anytime soon.
In a market that competes against other news stories and entertainment, the average BC voter has come to the point where whatever Gordon Campbell and his government do, or whatever the BC NDP Opposition does in response, will do little to pique the interest of voters, who ROBBINS suspects won't turn their attention to BC politics until there is a 'body'.
BC voters perceptions of Government services aligns itself with the basic rationale that voters have no choice but to pay taxes, but if they could choose not (no surprise here) they wouldn't.
Although unlike American politics where entry into the 'show' is more difficult than in Canada, and more specifically BC, voters in this province give the impression that there is literally nothing they can do and simply pay their money like a small businessman or a person pays protection to the mafia, so they can be left alone to live their lives.
I believe the case can be made that the Campbell government likes voter apathy, because that permits it to do whatever it pleases even though many (including the writer) would fairly deem them to be arrogant and incompetent. The Premier takes turns hiding (known as delegating), not holding legislative sittings (TV Video) or letting his enabler Ken Dobell run things while he does the rubber chicken circuit. I wouldn't want to be one of the reporters and journalists covering this crap, because you can't call it like it is without having the Editorial Board and the advertising department climb all over you.
The 2010 Olympic games will cost (overall) in the neighbourhood of six (6) billion dollars (that's cash flow out and 50% allocation of costs for the Canada Line and Sea-to-Sky Highway), and a reasonable consideration for security (which is being paid for somewhere down the line, which would not have been paid unless the Olympic/Barnum and Bailey circus were coming to town. This is against just less than 1.8 billion in revenues with expectations for payback set to occur between 2010 and 2020. In the meantime the venues and the infrastructure, plus the operating costs taking place in present value dollars means that this cash must be coming from someplace in the system. Look no further than social programs, look no further than the pathetic shape of roads, and lack of transportation. How the mainstream media can even attempt to sell peace in the valley while this is going on says something for the makers of Crown Royal and Valium.
The BC Rail criminal trial is not simply about politics looking dirty once again in the province of British Columbia, it also reminds many voters about the dishonest sale of BC Rail by the BC Liberal government, and the subsequent mess which is its successor.
There is a distinct correlation between voters who selected the BC Liberals in 2005, who support the BC Liberals now, and who see the sinking of the Queen of the North and the firing of employees as a consequence as most likely to have negative consequences. The rumour around town is that two of the employees were having sex on the ferry and that is why it sunk. Yea, no kidding.
The MLA pay raise debacle raises some interesting points not the least of which is the validity of the Independent review going in. ROBBINS was the first to call into question the reports underlying survey of British Columbians who allegedly indicated in massive numbers that they thought MLA's made $200,000 per year. Now that there is a fight going on between the Panel members, one of whom having accused the other two of duplicity in changing the report while she was out of town, the issue of pay raises and pensions has gone from dumb to dumber in BC. In BC politics is there honour amongst thieves?
This presents what ROBBINS perceives is a fitting tribute to bad government. The MLA's are going to vote for a huge raise and frills despite a botched report (and none of this garbage is independent, and who gives a shit if they are a past judge or lawyer the people don't trust any of them).
To be sure the BC Liberals will take the money. This is a political party which in our estimation is worse than Glen Clarke's BC NDP, which is ruining education, health and other social programs as they rob Peter to pay for the Olympics.
In fact the government's cash flow problems are so bad construction for the various projects involving the Olympics including the Canada Line is slowing down to accommodate the realities of hidden costs overruns.
Talk to the people being laid off all over the place, which coupled with the non stop mantra of booming economy and you have a situation which is ripe for the old Buffalo Springfield song lyrics "something's happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear."
There is something very unclear about the actual state of BC' economy. Is it a false one predicated on real estate development only, supported by high energy prices. With real estate developers now openly screwing over home purchasers in order to demand higher prices for houses, at what point might this turn and deals get welched on simply because the developers do not have the cash to fulfill on their contractual obligations. At ground zero where ROBBINS reports, the high price of gas has made BC citizens feel like they have been introduced to Torquemadian torture. Everyone is running out of money, the line of credit is rising making it more difficult than ever to 'keep up with the Campbell's', watch the media and Campbell's friends talk like were living in Nirvana, when there is a strong ground swell of oh-oh actually going on at the baseball and soccer games around the province.
But wait, what if there is a Santa Claus? What if maverick MLA Harry Lali was just setting the BC Liberals up? Think about it, the BC Liberals like a hungry dog looking for a juicy bone, will vote themselves the big bucks because they want the money. The BC Liberals will take the dirty dollars no matter the circumstances surrounding the debauched Panel Report. But what if the BC NDP don't take the money, none of it, what if the BC NDP including maverick Harry Lali say No to it?
Two things can happen in BC politics as a consequence of this vote on MLA wages and pensions. The first is that the BC NDP fracture and look like the same "Ho's" the BC Liberals are expected to continue to be, or they can refuse it as a concerted caucus and break Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals live and in living colour on British Columbians television screens.
If the BC NDP fracture on the vote, Carole James is finished and Campbell gets to lurch through to 2010 while thousands more voters turn away. If the BC NDP rejects the entire package as unsanitary, than Carole James is the next Premier of the province. (and how often am I wrong?)

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