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Metro Vancouver Poll-Low Income Housing threats against Vanoc Dir. vs. Riverbend development 'swindle'
  May 16, 2007

A random sample of 100 British Columbians residing in the Tri-city of the lower mainland. This poll is sponsored by ROBBINS ASK and Jim Van Rassel of New Trend Optical (604) 942-9300. This survey was conducted on May 16, 2007 and there is no margin of error attached.

Question #1
In your opinion which of the following two situations troubles you more?
Low Income protestors threatening Vanoc directors at their homes and offices    14 %
Buyers of townhouse units at Riverbend in Coquitlam who had their contracts of purchase and sale cancelled    86 %
This ROBBINS 'short poll' reveals some distressing news for those Directors and other Executives in Vanoc who have been 'threatened' with protest by advocates for low income housing, at their personal business offices and residents.
A SUPER majority of respondents throughout the Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam region (the Tri-City), are more concerned with the recent cancellation of purchase and sale contracts relating to the Riverbend development in Coquitlam, once again featuring the 'slimy' conduct of the Lochhead family, including well known real estate greaseball Marion Lochhead, top advisor to James Moore MP (Port Moody, Westwood and Port Coquitlam).
Let's be crystal clear here. The average person doesn't support anarchy. However the average person doesn't give a shit about elites, including those directors and others with Vanoc and the Olympic Games. In fact the average person could really care less about the Olympics right now, but does care about losing social programs because of the cash flow requirements for Olympic development.
What the average person does care about is their home, or the ability to purchase a home, and what Riverbend in Coquitlam has done, has burst the bubble of citizens who were under the impression that everything was A okay in the real estate market in the lower mainland.
The talk at baseball, field hockey, and other community events in the Tri-City is the Riverbend swindle, and until integrity can be visibly seen to be reinstituted into the system, whether protestors go after Vanoc officials means virtually nothing to the people.
This short ROBBINS poll should serve notice to politicos and mainstream news in this province. For one, fewer people believe the news. Two, those who do, believe the news works for the most part to sustain the status quo in government, and wherever ROBBINS Researchers are, in the United States, across Canada, and in particular British Columbia that status quo is no longer acceptable.
A quiet revolution is beginning to stir and the folks in charge of the means of production had better clear their heads because it isn't just the protestors and advocates for low income housing who are going to be trouble, a bad attitude is seriously brewing amongst the taxpayers and homeowners who are not happy with what government offers them.
Don't say we didn't warn you!

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