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ROBBINS over Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia-Cascadia/Environment
  May 28, 2007

A random telephone sample of 440 individuals in Oregon and Washington State, and British Columbia Canada and specifically Portland, Salem, Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver and Surrey, May 18-22,2007. This poll features a margin of error of 6.55%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence/competency.

Question #1
Which of the following concepts for improving the environment do you most favour?
California Republican Arnold Swartzenegger's "Hydrogen Highway"    22 %
Al Gore's call to support the Kyoto International protocol    32 %
Neither of these    38 %
Undecided/Don't Know    08 %
Question #2
European nations, particularly those who help comprise the so-called G8 nations which include Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, etc, will be meeting to discuss Global Warming and protecting the environment. In your opinion is your country ready for an International agreement relating to Global Warming at this time?
Yes    37 %
No    55 %
Don't Know/Undecided    08 %
Respondents in three jurisdictions which constitute part of 'Cascadia' are of the opinion that neither Al Gore's Kyoto, or California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger's "Hydrogen Highway" are the current best initiated beginnings to solutions to Global Warming and the problems being confronted with the environment.
Only respondents in Oregon provided equal support to Al Gore's Kyoto as they did to "Neither".
The Governor's "Hydrogen Highway" idea fell well short in British Columbia with only 18% support from respondents.
To be fair, many respondents were not aware of the Governor's concept and callers were not about to explain it.
Many who were aware of the "Hydrogen Highway" concept thought is "was sexy" but "impractical".
Many respondents who did not support the "Hydrogen Highway" expressed little confidence in auto makers to do their part to help solve the problem. There is precious little political capital in the mainstream for car makers and this will be a serious obstacle for the popular California governor, particularly when people like AG Jerry Brown and former Green leader Ralph Nader have devoted themselves to advocacy work, the latter particularly who had nothing but problems with automobile manufacturers simply when it came to saving peoples lives.
It is a fundamental stretch for respondents to accept that somehow automobile manufacturers will do their part to make more environmentally friendly cars which are also safe and economical to drive, when in the 1990's New York advertisers felt that SUV's were the concept vehicle despite the fact that many were not safe, and all were gas guzzlers.
Many respondents felt that Governor Arnold's concept "made (sic) sense in Hollywood, but not in the real world." Others who support the concept felt that it helps to "sex up support for the environment and the Hydrogen Highway may be the right concept to accomplish this.
Al Gore had everything going well with his "Inconvenient Truth", even though there are a serious minority of 'Doubting Thomases' in this poll. Many respondents particularly in Oregon and Washington are wondering if Kyoto is a workable concept at this point in time, particularly with the world in so much turmoil, and European nations so uncooperative.
High gas prices create circumstances where individuals drive less whenever they can, and thus tend to spend more time in their own communities, where comprehension of potential solutions is more readily understood, as respondents in this poll will testify, they are unwilling to hand over faith absolute to any politicians, EVEN when they like them.
Essentially those respondents who chose "neither" (and even some who made a choice) are going to watch the goings on of politics and Global Warming very closely, but want tangible solutions that fit an understanding of something they can participate in with both their money and their individual and community effort and not just fancy ideas.
Respondents on the subject of Global Warming have been hammered at with information and exhortation and they are committed to approaching the problem in a serious way. They are not going to be seduced with pie in the sky notions or concepts which seem more about entertainment, television, and/or political self-aggrandizement.

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